Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


In that case, … I’m the King of England then. Woo hoo!!


Only if you are, and that is what the question is. She has claimed but there is no evidence of it. DNA testing is not really very good when it comes to this stuff and isn’t really an acceptable part of any claim unless it is very comprehensive, which, apparently hers wasn’t.


It’s not like she wore a prom dress.


Does any of this have anything to do with her ability to be President?

Please don’t give me some claim around lieing.


How does what Trump has done or doing or is as a person have anything to do with this?

You can’t just say “oh Trump is worse” as a way to explain away or ignore something that was wrong.

Has she done something wrong? yes Should it be exposed? Yes Should it harm her place? Not if she just gets on the front foot and admits she was wrong.

Most people are forgiving if a person is pretty honest and the issue isn’t huge. But her constant coverups and denials are not a good look and harm her position.


She obviously thinks she’s Native American, why would she backtrack from something like that.


Why isn’t the story Warren, first Native American to run for President.(if she is first)


She has been backtracking as hard as she possibly can.


Native Americans (specifically the tribe that her DNA test claims she is related to) have already rejected that she is Native American. She can’t run as that.



And further to what BSD provided:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has apologized to Cherokee Nation leaders over her attempt to use a DNA test to confirm her past claims to Native American ancestry, the tribe said.

The presidential hopeful “reached out to us and has apologized to the tribe,” Cherokee Nation executive director of communications Julie Hubbard said in a statement.

“We are encouraged by this dialogue and understanding that being a Cherokee Nation tribal citizen is rooted in centuries of culture and laws not through DNA tests,” Hubbard added. “We are encouraged by her action and hope that the slurs and mockery of tribal citizens and Indian history and heritage will now come to an end.”


So what?

She’s not a member of a tribe.

She grew up being proud of her ancestry and thus identified with it. Fark knows if she ever did anything with those ancestors. I CBF researching if she’s ever smoked a peace pipe. But I have met heaps of young people who are proud of their ancestory and call it out.

It’s a stupid side show. The same as Obama’s birther garbage.


Not to Native Americans:

Rebecca Nagle, a writer, activist and citizen of Cherokee Nation, told CNN in an interview last week that, even though she mostly agreed with Warren’s politics, she would never consider supporting her without a robust admission.

“What Warren needs to do, at this point, is apologize to the tribes that she has harmed and to Native people broadly – and then she needs to say without qualification, unequivocally that she is not Cherokee and that she is not Native. And stop parsing Native identity in ways that undermine Native rights,” Nagle said


Ouch if they are going that hard at her, I won’t argue against that.

I hope it’s the common view not just dial a quote.


And the rules of Native Am heritage say until you are, you cannot formally claim it, that’s what.

I don’t care, I’m just pointing out what the deal is over it.

I don’t think t’s that big an issue either being over 30 years ago, but clearly one of her Dem rivals feels threatened enough to drop this on the eve of her Pres run announcement, … unless of course, that State bar card coming to light now is just a coincidence, … :roll_eyes: (not)


Wow. Who gives a ■■■■ what her ancestry claim is. There are far far far bigger problems in the US.


Trump also claimed to be a Stable Genius, so there’s that


Hoo fparking ray!!!

This is what I tried to get across many posts and days ago aonly to be accused of being a Bolt parroter. FFS!


Don’t get your panties in a twist folks,… it’s just something that’s going on in US politics, … no ones saying it’s the biggest problem, it’s a perfectly valid thing to talk about in here, regardless of how important people think it is, or isn’t.


It has to do with her ability to be elected president.