Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Given Trump’s been pushing this for ages, it doesn’t necessarily have to come from a Dem opponent. Hell, the Virginia governor isn’t running for anything at the moment, didn’t stop someone finding and posting that blackface & KKK picture.


Native Americans care.



Not to mention his 2nd is facing sexual harassment elegations.

And his 3rd in line has got out in front of his own blackface scandal.

The 4th in line, is a republican.


I don’t want to derail the thread, but would a bloke have the same level of focus on him over this ancestry issue?

All we ever hear about is crooked Hillary and her emails, while a chunk of male politicians and her accusers are being questioned about serious sexual assaults.


She has a lot of enemies among the establishment. On both sides and more importantly on wall street. This effects media coverage on her.





(if she is first)

Highly unlikely. In fact it’s almost certain at least one past President was moreso than she is.

Yes, … that says probably


Turning Point USA, the grift vehicle for Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens masquerading as a voice and spirit guide (that one’s to fit in with the rest of you churning over Warren) young conservatives, just spiked itself on the “was Hitler so bad?” wire fence.

Virginia’s problems with its Democrat leadership get worse. The Governor is in the midst of a blackface scandal, the Lt Gov, first in the line of succession, has had a second woman come forward to accuse him of sexual assault, and the AG, next in line, has reportedly met privately with the Virginia Black Caucus to discuss his own blackface moment in the past.


If all 3 tainted democrats in Virginia step down, Republicans take over. Plus there’s a full state election soon, which in a normal situation would have handed Democrats full control of the government. As it stands, the Democrats stand to lose it all.

A legit but absurd option is:

  • gov steps down
  • lt gov steps up as new gov
  • new gov appoints a replacement lt gov
  • new gov steps down as gov
  • new lt gov steps up as new new gov
  • new new gov appoints new new lt gov.

And I swear that is the most sensible solution to Virginia’s woes!


I do understand the sensitivity of “blackface” but both the Governor and AttorneyGeneral did these acts nearly 40 years ago when at college.

Reckon everyone needs to accept that young blokes do silly things and look at their recent records which seem good.


The governor nearly did the moonwalk at his apology press conference. He could have salvaged it, but stuffed it up royally. He’ll probably push forward with his term, but wow did he stuff up that badly.


I really don’t understand this. What is wrong with him doing the moonwalk?


At a press conference where he was apologising for wearing black face to dress as Michael Jackson…

Man I wish he’d gone through with it.


See I don’t understand any of this. Surely if you are going to fancy dress as Michael Jackson you have to make your face, and your hands, black. I mean the guy was a black dude. What is there to apologise for? People, and particularly seppos, need to realise that not all these things are racist slurs. It’s ridiculous that you can only fancy dress as someone of your own race/colour without the outrage set getting triggered. It’s infantile and annoying. If I want to celebrate a black dude in fancy dress, I will black my skin, and the protest set can go and get farked. Dumb carnts!


If it was in cultural isolation, maybe.

But context matters. There’s a fuckload of historical baggage in the US that makes this stuff more fraught than it might be otherwise. The whole history of minstrel shows, for example, an entire genre of entertainment that centred around white people getting done up in blackface to get a laugh out of insulting racist stereotypes (and yeah, the racism was the whole point of the humour)

You want to dress up as Michael Jackson, wear one glove, skintight pants and a jacket with gold epaulettes and call it a win.


MJ wasn’t even black in the end.


You could argue that dressing as a Clan Member isn’t as ‘forgivable’.

And the photo was in his Medical School graduation book, which puts him in his mid-20s. The guy was nicknamed “Coonface”. And now he can’t keep to a story, first admitting and now denying it. If he had been ‘honest’ from the outset and talked about how he, as a person had changed over the years then maybe he’d be entitled to a bit more leniency.

This is one of the more predictable downsides of favoring Conservative Democrats, they’ll likely have a closet full of skeletons. Diane Feinstein has an interesting history with the confederacy.


And the hat. Can’t forget the hat.

A monkey would help too.


Yep, was shaping as an all time classic press conference. And then he wasn’t happy his wife had pulled him up, ‘oh yeah, um…wife says it’s insensitive…’