Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


What about The Rock? I thought he was running. Would win easy


I like Barbara Lee.
I think she’s nice.



Quoting a site that has Schumer and Booker at 94 and 98% respectively. GTFO. Website is completely garbage. Come back @ me when you’ve got some legitimate criticisms but don’t spout rubbish from whacky sites which you don’t understand.

I’ve said I’m not stanning for Tulsi, I think she’s a very strong candidate that isn’t taken seriously enough. Simples. If you don’t think she’s progressive then you’re clearly not paying attention to what she says and her voting record.

She is strictly anti-interventionist, basically one of the rare Democrats who openly speak against US interventionism, that alone makes her a stand out candidate, any legit progressive is, by definition, anti-war.

She proposed HR1227 - a bill to decriminalise pot
She’s cosponsoring HR676 - Medicare for All
She helped introduce the First Step Act - a step toward prison reform in the U.S
She doesn’t take corporate PAC money and is big on reforming campaign finance
She opposed legislation which rolled back Wall Street regulation

She’s not perfect but her policy platform is very much progressive.

Instead of regurgitating hit pieces and smears from establishment shills, why don’t you actually check her out and listen to what she says


Reportedly, Trump overruled USTR advice that any deal with China should be titled a memorandum of understanding. Trump decided it should have the status of a trade agreement. From memory, trade agreements have to go to Congress for approval/ disapproval as a whole. He won’t be able to bargain with the Congress over discrete elements of any deal .


Stay classy Rubio you ■■■■■■■ psychopath


During my stay in San Francisco, I met London Breed the local Mayor. She is impressive and has a strong progressive record in a very political city. Being Mayor in any US city is a powerful job, much different to here in Australia, and Mayor of San Francisco is like being Emperor of Rome with the sounds of knives being sharpened an incentive to get things done quickly.

Ms Breed would be viewed here as a career politician and at 44, as long as she doesn’t create too many enemies will move on to bigger things, at least she has that in her plans. She controls a budget of over US$11 billion and 28000 staff, a far cry from my former realm of A$42 million and 300 people !

We did have common ground though and some similar challenges, though again her issues with homelessness in the many thousands in San Francisco seems daunting. She is up for re-election this November, hotly contested by a host of Democrats, mostly female, non-White and cashed up.


I had my doubts about Breed but she is quietly making an impact. As you would have noticed, we have a massive issue with dirty streets. She has deployed multiple street cleaning units (triple in the case of my neighborhood) to get stuff sorted.

And, sorry we couldn’t meet in person @Bacchusfox Work has me traveling well beyond normal :frowning:


I will be back in a few weeks, maybe then.



The testimony is online:


Ashamed of my nation’s policies…


Lets see how Trump spins this.


Cohen’s questioning is going to be fascinating


This would have been more topical previously, but still good comment on the current situation:




Definitely a fascinating testimony by Cohen.


Will he spin it or do something stupid/desperate with Kim in Hanoi to distract?


Any other President would have seen today’s events be the end of the line.

I doubt we even remember this next week.

I am not even mad anymore.


Is it coincidence he’s always away when this stuff drops?

Aaaaaaand just like that their power lunch is cancelled. Probably doesn’t mean much, but the press are reporting it more than the Cohen


“The Art of the Fail”


Probably the best result that could be hoped for. Trump simply slinks back to where his focus really is and the delicate status quo remains relatively unrocked. Though Trump’s abandonment of the idea of holding Kim to account for Otto Warmbier’s fate was not a nice farewell note. “I asked him, he said he didn’t know. I believe him” - sounds familiar.