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Good chance Donald Trump Jr gets indicted


He’ll lose more of his barnacle supporters by this than anything Cohen coughs up. Weak ■■■■ jelly man.


No, it won’t matter.

Trump ordered Kelly to give Kushner a security clearance after the professionals denied him. Possibly also Ivanka. Trump himself would never get a clearance if he was a staffer, though obviously irrelevant as President. Do I even need to type that they are all on the record saying Trump had nothing to do with these clearances, or is that just taken as a given?

This too, will not matter.

Edit: he’s just attempted to walk back or clarify the Warmbier remarks that he says were misinterpreted. Says he holds North Korea responsible. So responsible but when face to face with the North Korean state not so much.


Reportedly, any Trump agreement to lift the sanctions would have been unenforceable, as some if not all of the sanctions were not imposed under Trump’s Presidential authority. At best he could only have offered best endeavours to get them lifted


The Trump correction on North Korea re:Otto Warmbier came after his parents spoke up and said Kim and North Korea should be held responsible. Trump naturally couldn’t bring himself to say Kim’s name in the correction.


President R. Murdoch


On Monday, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler announced that he was beginning a broad-scale investigation into Donald Trump’s business and political life, the first step in a slow but purposeful attempt by congressional Democrats to build an impeachment case against the President.


I still think the worse thing the Democrats could do would be to impeach. Even if they find a smoking gun, let the Republicans push Trump out via the Republican primary system. That would split republicans even more, regardless of whether or not Trump won the nomination. All impeaching Trump will do is get his base riled up and/or let the Republicans run a ‘clean’ candidate in 2020.


Impeaching Clinton helped him get re-elected.

I agree, keep the temperature up, but I wouldn’t impeach, unless it’s way worse than has been disclosed.


If its way worse, then Republicans will probably start the process! :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I would like to see from Dems, is a little more focus on Trump’s property deals. There are probably lots of people who don’t fundamentally care if their team colluded with Russia. But if they can show he’s an out and out criminal, or that Russia has him by the short hairs due to previous criminal collusion? That may be different.

And the Repubs did it with Clinton and Whitewater.


That makes me uncomfortable. Real criminal investigations should be handled by police etc.

They should look at the Russian ones.


No way trump loses a primary. He’d likely win by a greater %


Interesting take from a Republican (of the sane variety)


I dunno.

That Biden bloke gives me the creeps.

Plenty of videos of him interacting with kids that make your skin crawl.


US President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been sentenced to 47 months in jail and ordered to pay more than $US24 million ($34.2 million) in restitution for fraud and failing to disclose foreign bank accounts.


So that would mean the Mueller investigation has pretty much paid for itself. Maybe we should have more investigations into rich people.


I wonder if Drumpf will end up getting more or less time than Manafort for similar offences?


I don’t think Trump did similar offences. He may have done other things, but not those things.


Anyone who breaches say a Billion should be scrutinised to the point of colonoscopy as a matter of course. Every Country on the planet would be in massive surplus.


Really? I’d say it’s stock in trade for arseholes llike him.

I’d also say the SDNY might find that thought pretty amusing.