Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


This is the kind of grass roots action I wish more Democrats launched in other states.


Seeing as nobody else is rushing to it, I’ll put my hand up for this as i tick most of those boxes. Does it pay well? :grin:


If you can get the US$5 million that we are looking for, then it pays very well.


That should be chump change in the Bay Area, Bacchus…

I guess that is not for a sale but for expansion into US market, or have you got a new value proposition?


Yep expansion plans.

Working on the next Uber


Speaking of Uber (and Pinterest, and Airbnb, and Lyft) they are going to have an IPO soon which means there will be a lot more real millionaires walking around in San Francisco in 2019. Thats what we need. More rich 20-somethings :slight_smile:


Well to coin the most used word in SF, awesome !



Should Aussie it up a bit more though. Something like ‘■■■■’.


Had to google why ■■■■ was hidden!


Lol. Did you get a surprise?


I did!

I never knew of the alternative version.


I had to google it as well. Stupid ■■■■■■ North American swear filters.


Hmmm, maybe a good name for here, but maybe not in USA.

When I say Uber, I mean a concept that turns-over lots of money, involves billions of people and loses money.

Seems that is the Californian model for Venture Capital success, and of course you cannot be a business owner, CEO or MD, you have to be Founder &President.


Is bankruptcy a feature of the US business model?


It is for the Presidency.


Well you might think so, as when I mention this point to the VCs who reject my pitch they state that profit is not a considerable for judging the worth of a project .

Now I sort of get it, in that you keep investors flowing through building up the value of a start-up, but one day some-one will want to get paid.


Most people don’t understand what drives VCs (apart from making shedloads of $$$). VCs expect many of the companies they invest in will go bust; a few will break even and a few will be profitable. But what they are really looking for and what they want to find is a project that will earn them as much as their fund. They need at least one of these to make enough profit to return profits to their investors and get the next fund established.

So what they are looking for is growth. You can be a profitable $10M company but they are looking for something that will grow to a billion dollar company during the life of their fund.


yep, all very true.


My impression (skewed cos I’m in IT world, possibly) is that these days no startup cares about operational profitability even a little bit. The goal is to get a bunch of investment, leverage wildly until your revenues (regardless of outlay) are big enough to be noticed by one of the big monopolising and vertically integrated corporations that dominate every sector of the economy, who will then buy you out at a grossly inflated price in order to eliminate a potential competitor. Then the founder spends the rest of their life on the beach, or possibly flitting from startup to startup hoping lightning will strike twice.


my world isn’t that bad, thank you very much!