Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I’m not angry.
And I’m certainly not angry with you.
I’m perplexed by your vagueness.
That’s all.

But I feel like I’m repeating myself?


To be clear…I posted a pic of a rape happening and someone posted, yeah…thanks for showing how women hate men so much…

So…yeah, I’m angry about that.


My comment wasn’t directed at you so there was no need for me to explain what i was talking about to you.


I can’t explain any more how it’s not about you.


You must have missed the multi-page holocaust denial screed (with LOTS of CAPITAL LETTERS) someone posted in the middle of the night earlier in the year then?


It was deleted before I got to it.
Thank you, mods.


Flynn’s lawyers aren’t talking to White House lawyers any more. Maybe about to do a deal with Mueller?


The first result I got from typing ‘Are BLM Communists?’ into DuckDuckGo was a link to a thread on stormfront suggesting they were.


In the 16 years of this sites existence it was the worst thing I’ve seen anyone post here.


Glad I missed it.
Must have been pretty bad to top that last thing.
I still…cannot believe that.
And it’s not something I’m gonna forget any time soon.


Mods, feel free to remove my post if its deemed offensive. I thought it pretty obvious I was being no more than a little facetious by using Wims’ image to highlight the point I had just made that I believed groups like BLM & modern commies were effectively connected. I understand that was not the reason Wimm used that image but it made my point all the same. I made no mention of or reference to the violence contained in the photo & certainly made no excuses for it. If somebody chose to somehow interpret it that way then I believe thats their doing not mine. I will however hand it over to the mods judgement. If I have offended reasonable minded people then I will apologise for the misunderstanding.


Perhaps you should have addressed the violence in the photo, and hence Wim’s point first, before moving back to re-iterate yours.

You just baffled me. It came across as callous or dismissive, and while I didn’t think that was your intention it was hard to see past that intial reaction. Much like how in the photo it is hard to see past the car.


LOL you gotta love the FBI.

The FBI failed to notify scores of US officials that Russian hackers were trying to break into their personal Gmail accounts despite having evidence for at least a year that the targets were in the Kremlin’s crosshairs.

Key points:

The FBI only notified two of the 80 victims the AP interviewed
The FBI has reportedly known about the hacking attempts for more than a year
Current and former military, intelligence and Democratic Party personnel were targeted
Nearly 80 interviews with Americans targeted by Fancy Bear, a Russian government-aligned cyberespionage group, turned up only two cases in which the FBI had provided a heads-up.

Even senior policymakers discovered they were targets only when the AP told them, a situation some described as bizarre and dispiriting.

Australia is under “constant” attack from cyber criminal groups, according to a US security company.
“It’s utterly confounding,” said Philip Reiner, a former senior director at the National Security Council, who was notified that he was targeted in 2015.

“You’ve got to tell your people. You’ve got to protect your people.”


Gee, Bobo, I am sorry that I didn’t put forward a multi-paragraph reply to an article that was posted, which I took the time to read, but as I had to get out and slash some paddocks didn’t spend more time tapping on the keyboard. I will ensure that in the future I will only reply if I can come up with more than just a sentence or two, or perhaps you have an appropriate word count that I should be aiming toward?

So to have a conversation about this, do you believe that it is the "right’ that is stirring up all the racism and division that is occurring at the moment in the US? Or even here in Australia? Because I can see the “left” wing media and its proponents stirring the pot harder than it has been stirred for very a long time as they try to discredit anything that maybe nationalistic or patriotic.


You can’t be too busy because you wasted a whole paragraph there. It’s not the number of words.

My understanding is that there is a profound difference between patriotism and nationalism. I have no problem with patriotism. Nationalism I do, it leads to bad places. Many people in the States who use cries of patriotism as a cudgel seem to be in love with the flag of a treasonous rebellion to save slavery. I consider that a corruption of the patriotic ideal, at best. Patriotism isn’t a demand for sycophantic obedience either, and there is a fair bit of that among those calling themselves patriots as well.

I think that we are paying a profound price for the failures of the mainstream media. They cried wolf many many times, and now a wolf is here but no one is listening. Forgive the attempt at poetic imagery. Though Trump himself is less about idealogy, than I-Me-ology. He’s just desperate to be liked and accepted so goes with the room. He definitely has racial hangups however - Central Park 5, Birtherism. That’s leaving aside that he’s not even up to maintaining the public pretense that he is up to the job, let alone doing the job. The US is running on inertia right now.

The media went after McCain and Romney like they were Trump, but they are not and never were. I would happily have either as President and I wouldn’t pay the slightest attention to political news, I’d be reading the sports section like I was before Trump announced his candidacy. I’d have John Kasich as President. I hope he runs in the future. I think all three are people that you might not agree with but you can trust.

Those failures drove people to alternative media like the Breitbarts of this world and I don’t think you can excuse them for the role they have played and are playing. Because they are not better, whether they lean left or right or forward or back. They often have far fewer checks and balances.

Or people turned to insular social media communites to get their news and have radicalised and hardened their position. This is not good.

So often the cries of “Fake news, Fake news” are just that, fake news. It’s a deflection.

I think the GOP have played their part as they whipped up their base over the years to achieve legislative majorities and governships across the country. It has been incredibly successful as an electioneering effort but now they have a base they are terrified of. Roy Moore is a test of that base, if he is rejected then I will worry far less. He was a terrible candidate even before allegations of pedophilia.

I’m not interested in the idea of absolute blame. I think that is a waste of time. I don’t think you can ignore the role of Foxnews if you are going to get angry at CNN.


Sometimes people protest because they care about the values of their country. They want to improve or restore the values of their country, not bring it down.
And I would not call those protesting about what is happening on Manus as extreme leftists. When small l liberals are being condemned as extremist, you are playing into the hands of the likes of Dutton.


An interesting observation from one of the outgoing republicans. Because they couldn’t get any legislative wins over the past 8 years they shifted to a culture war. This motivated their base but shifted the focus away from traditional conservative issues. It created the environment for Trump to take power and was destructive to the party’s long term agenda.


I like(d) McCain.
It’s a shame he came up against Obama.
And that his running partner was a fridge strapped to his ankles.


The mouth breather berated CNN for being ‘Fake News’, then tweeted a link to a conspiracy theory website, encouraging everyone to visit.

Then gave props to Fox news while one of their anchors visited him, at his golf course.

You couldn’t make this up anymore.


Like the guys bringing back the swastika?