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The investigation paid for itself with fines levied.


GuzzLG’s complaint would appear to be with an Australian public broadcaster.


Because he was saying people on the right actually did their research on this issue, unlike the corporate left. However these people just kept dismissing them because it didn’t fit their narrative in helping to create excuses to fight Russia . In reality a lot of the progressive left (true left IMO) have been saying the same thing. I think this demonstrates it’s more about establishment v anti-establishment these days, as opposed to left v right.

I like a lot of PJW’s stuff, and I found the video a good representation of all the hysteria. I’ve never been an infowars fan as I also find it to also be hysterical. Anyway, just my two cents.


That maybe so but it also sucked out valuable oxygen to talk about proper issues such as

  • Healthcare reform;
  • America’s crumbling infrastructure;
  • Raising the minimum wage;
  • Majority of the country not being able to afford a $1,000 emergency

Rachel Maddow talked almost exclusively about this conspiracy theory for two years. She has the highest rated show in the country, the largest platform. This should have been used to combat Trump with substantive policy and highlight how awful his administration has been for the environment, for demonising immigrants, how Trump and the GOP passed landmark corporate tax cuts which represented one of the biggest upward wealth transfers in the history of the country.


Maddow, Stephen Colbert etc are flog elites who couldn’t give two ■■■■■ about your average pleb, even though they pretend to. They know they won’t be the poor bastards sent to war either. Just true scum bags to peddle this crap continuously for two years.


Hysterical is a polite word to describe what Infowars is. They make their money, and presumably get their kicks, in part out of tormenting the Sandy Hook families and other similar fare. They’re the kennel of attack dogs like Roger Stone. It’s possible they even occasionally believe what they are saying - that’s the only point of interest really, how much they believe of the product they produce. PJW has occasionally made a bit of a home there. They and their equivalents are like the fossil fuel industry except it is the culture rather than the climate that gets warmed up and rendered more volatile in exchange for some tidy cash.

Neither the indictments that resulted from the investigation, nor Barr’s report clear Russia. Rather the opposite. They clear Trump of knowingly assisting them. So if it was about finding excuses to fight Russia, they are certainly all still there.

Was it research or just that reality happened to coincide with that particular partisan talking point? If we are awash in sea of bad faith fake news then some one or another was going to get lucky at that moment. Because orgs of that ilk have made quite a few additional claims about the investigation and if it is truly about homework done then we can expect the whirlwind very soon.


My belief from the start was Trump acted out of greed, arrogance and ignorance. It was the style of his while Presidential campaign, he was loud and said whatever got him a result. He was more than happy to go along with whatever opportunities were created by Russian electoral manipulation. Hell, he stood on stage and said it. Him being the mastermind on this scenario just doesn’t fit. Him being tangentially linked does make sense.

The guy had serious dodgy business history with Russia. He’s got dodgy business history in general, but Russia is where he’s most exposed. Russia was the only place he could get financing when every bank in America turned him down. That finance deal has a stench to it. His dealings flowed all the way through the campaign. My thoughts on his business ethics have zero to do with him being President. They are the product of decades of his behaviour.

So do I agree that the left media overplayed this story. Yeah. But it was a damn juicy story and if they didn’t cover it then something is wrong. Actually the coverage seemed rather intermittent due to Mueller’s incredible secrecy.

Do I think Trump is dodgy. Yeah. Do I think he’ll be exposed by one of these lower level investigations with a serious business crime, hells yeah. Do I think he’ll be impeached, not a chance.


Oh the left is the establishment argument. Facepalm.


It’s not as if News Orgs are businesses or anything and thrive on ratings by providing the sort of content their audiences are baying for, is it?? :roll_eyes:

Who really fkn cares? Obvious shitt is Obvious., … wow.


It goes to the point that Kushner made, the campaign was too stupid to collide. Not organized enough.


Fair bit of revisionist history to suggest that the so-called “main stream media” (#msm) has only focused on the Russian interference for 2 years.

Here is a not comprehensive list of topics that they have doubled down on (far more than in prior years):

  • the threat to affordable healthcare (THE signature issue that Democrats rallied around and capitalized on to win the mid-terms)
  • the horrific policies at the border - separating children from their parents
  • the corruption of Trump’s cabinet (Zinke, Mnuchin et al) leading to multiple resignations
  • the significant risks of Trump’s tariffs and complete lack of economic understanding
  • the debilitating moves to roll back regulations including many environmental ones

I could go on.

If you are a Trump supporter feel free to defend the above.


And now, this:


Left vs Right
Establishment vs Anti-Establishment
Progressives vs Conservative
Socialist vs Capitalist

Not sure that any of this exists in US politics. Democrats and Republicans are both equally establishment, conservative, capitalist right wing groups. Some on both sides have minor progressive views, but both Parties reflect the majority conservative view of the USA.

Their fight with each other is only about power and who gets the most pie.


Stormy’s ex-lawyer Avenatti gets charged. Can’t say I will miss that guy.


In comparison to Russiagate these issues have barely featured.

Here’s a great analysis by Aaron Mate who breaks down Russiagate and what it has done to public discourse and efforts to truly resist Trump.


You’re absolutely right about Democrats vs Republicans - they’re both equally establishment and beholden to their donors.

However, I most definitely think there is a growing schism within the DNC over left (“true left” or “progressive”) vs the centrists/moderates (aka. Repub. lite)


So my wife and I walked over with our 7yo daughter to see Bernie speak yesterday. After the obligatory here-is-every-local-politician-who-supports-me intro (including one who dropped f-bomb after f-bomb to which my daughter, not much to our surprise, did not blink an eyelid) Bernie got on stage.

He played his greatest hits:

  • medicare for all
  • down with corporate greed
  • stop military intervention abroad
  • guarantee a minimum wage
  • free college education

My wife turned to me mid-way and went “You know, as much as we want a woman to be the next president, Bernie might be what we need to stop Trump from winning.”

All I could think of was how Bernie is the perfect politician for my type of voter - coastal, liberal, living in a place with decent education levels. I could totally imagine crickets in places like Missouri, Iowa, or even Florida. That is my one big worry with Bernie having to convince independents and marginalized Republicans.

Again, my usual caveat. There is LONG way to go.


I’ve seen bigger crowds at the Undera local cricket match.


This was 4hrs before. Line went quite a way.

Here is a better photo (or 2) of the actual rally.


Ha! I know that park… Ms AT lives a couple of blocks from there!