Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Lol. You are funny sometimes. As if they’d get a word in on these hate shows. Set up and torched is the best they could hope for.

If only they would get a fair go, maybe, but I really doubt they’d be invited at all.


Mate you’d be surprised. Glenn Greenwald has appeared on Fox a few times, he definitely doesn’t get torn apart, he’s too good for that.

Someone like Bernie is also too good for that as well - he’d shut them down quickly.

Watch this Doctor (Andrew Gaffney) school an entire Fox panel on Medicare for All - there are certain types of people who can effectively do this.


There’s a few who’ve tried.

Fox doesn’t give effective, forthright progressives air time. They handpick timid careerist bumblers who spend their time meekly apologising for not drinking the fox kool aid, or professional politicians who don’t believe in anything but who’ll happily accept a buck to go on TV and talk about how very, very wrong they were that time they worked for the Clinton campaign.

Reckon I’m wrong? Obama was a thoroughly good communicator - did fox ever invite him on? Ocasio-Cortez is also really good - is she being invited on Fox right now?

Going on fox is a lose-lose proposition for non-wingnuts. It’s the moral equivalent of performing at Mussolini’s birthday party right now, for starters. You have a network that spent HOURS every day talking about how the democrats & Hillary run a pedophile brothel, or that Obama was a secret Muslim Kenyan communist married to a man, or dwelt lovingly and at great length on how ugly Chelsea Clinton was and how John Kerry faked his war record ffs. Why would you give those people credibility? How could you possibly justify associating with these objectively crazed, malicious liars? Remember, progressive politicians in positions of power probably KNOW the CLintons, Obama, Kerry etc - from a point of view of common decency, why would you associate with the scum who did this TO YOUR FRIENDS?

Also, anyone who believes that progressives would get a fair hearing on Fox is a fool. Multiple of their presenters have history for cutting an interviewee’s sound and/or video feed. Fox softball-interviews right wingers, and leaks debate questions to their preferred candidates. Even if they DID accept an articulate progressive on their show, after the interview the’d assign a couple of talking heads to character assassination duty, and tearing down the arguments made with no regard for the truth and no right of reply.

Fox is irredeemable. Any progressive even mentioning them should be calling them ‘the Republican propaganda branch’ at every opportunity, because that’s what they are.

You can’t get a fair go out of people who go out of their way to not be fair.

Glen Greenwald is being played for a sucker. He gets a sympathetic ear on fox only as long as he (as a journo who worked closely with wikileaks) insists that Wikileaks and the rpubs had nothing to do with Russian interference in the election or coordination with the Trump campaign. Did Fox give him airtime when he was objecting to how Bush was running torture camps? Hell no.

They like him - for now - because he’s saying stuff they want their viewers to believe. And he’s a damn fool, cos if this ever changes they’ll dump him like a hot potato and his ■■■■■■ his credibility up against the wall for nothing.


I can give you countless examples of progressives going on Fox and completely bossing interviews like Ro Khana above.

There is utility in doing so. You’re being dishonest if you think otherwise.


But what is the real net gain?

Fox viewers won’t understand the words they use let alone any concepts.

Zero gain. They’ll change no Fuxx watchers views, … let alone minds.

Waste of time, … except for TV salesmen.


You see the problem that the other side of the aisle (MSNBC and CNN) doesn’t let him on to offer an alternative viewpoint to their RussiaGate propaganda so he has to resort to the only major network which will allow him to air his views. You think he doesn’t understand this? Come on.


You think there’s absolutely zero viewers who will take pause at what Sanders says? You know that a lot of Republicans face the same issues that Democrats do. Poverty, poor or complete lack of healthcare among other issues aren’t limited to left/right orthodoxies.


I think there’s no net gain. Bernie wouldn’t bother.


CNN in particular has a horde of ex Trump campaign staff, republican staffers, ex-republicans etc etc etc as commentators who are more than willing to cover for Greenwald on that front. They recently appointed an ex-Trump offical with no journalism experience as their political editor for the 2020 election campaign ffs!


Think again - Bernie is having a town hall hosted by Fox.


That’s not being a guest on a shitshow.


Come on man, then why the ■■■■ hasn’t someone like GG been on CNN for like two years? They and MSNBC don’t want anyone on air that will disrupt the narrative that Trump was this manchurian candidate. They are more partisan towards the DNC establishment and while they may have hired ex Trump staff, they are absolutely 100% in opposition to Trump, at least when it comes to ‘Russiagate’



OK mate.




I think you make a valid point and Dems should.

Mayor Pete… running in 2020 is impressive and has been on there.

One of the big issues is you don’t get a clean run. Tucker Carlson has turned off the mike of people who are cutting him down.

I don’t like Michael Avenetti, but it’s not really on having cryons across the bottom of the screen saying ‘creepy ■■■■ lawyer’ while he’s being interviewed.


US blockading Venezuelan oil supply to Cuba. When the Soviet Union went belly up, Venezuela stepped in to help out the Cuban economy.
Trump killing two birds with one stone. US already has visa bans in place on Cuban nationals travelling to US.


Saw the movie Vice on the plane to Japan. Good film, worth a watch as an insight into Cheney et al and how that immoral era laid the foundations for today’s mess.


Trump fires the Homeland Security Secretary for not being willing to re-institute the child separation policy with a court order against it, and fires the head of the Secret Service for having big ears (and maybe something to do with the whole Mar-a-Lago Chinese spy kerfuffle).

He has also fired the number 3 at the DHS, who in Trump style was currently acting #2, because Trump had already named someone else as the new acting #1 in contravention of DHS rules. By law it had to be that #3.

A number of others in senior roles at the DHS have also been pushed out. Obviously not happy with the level of obsequious willingness to offer praise and bend/break rules/law. Also leaves DHS under-staffed and rattled at a time of Presidentially declared crisis.


Nothing that can’t be fixed by building a big fark-off wall to keep them Mexicans out.