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Trump openly fantasizing about violence at the border, bemoaning America’s “very bad laws” that don’t allow for people to be “roughed up” like “other countries would do”. Not sure which country he has in mind, but given that the problem is with families seeking asylum at legal points of entry it is a weird thing to get a hard-on over.


Trump’s older sister, a federal appellate judge, was facing judicial misconduct charges over her role in tax fraud schemes allegedly executed by the Trump family uncovered in reporting last year. She chose to retire, which ends the investigation as it makes her immune.


not according to Anthony Mundine


Some interesting articles:

Report finds twice as many companies will pay zero in taxes this year

So the Republican’s new tax policy doubled the number of companies who could avoid paying Federal tax.

Texas debating bill allowing death penalty against women who have abortions

Well, I think the title pretty much says it all on that one. Oh, and the doctors could also be put to death.

Pete Buttigieg Is Not “Feuding” With Mike Pence - He’s reminding everyone of the vice president’s cruelty

Interesting piece on Pence, and why he is also a piece of work. Pete Buttigieg is doing a good thing calling him out.


teeheehee… “Buttigieg”!



Here is a better read:


He’s made it clear he’s the president of the Republican States of America.


The bipartisan pile on, on Ilhan Omar has created a wave of Islamophobic abuse and even death threats aimed at her. It’s unacceptable and the Dem leadership has a lot to answer for, as they threw her under the bus.

Trump is making things worse with willful misrepresentation of what she said. Now accusing a sitting congresswoman of being sympathetic to 9/11 terrorists - this is sickening.


You and I haven’t always agreed but I am 100% with you on this. There has already been an arrest of a man who was threatening to assassinate the congresswoman. The issue here is that there is a firm 30 to 40% of the population that will believe or choose to ignore the lies of the president. And this base is what is being pandered to.

Isn’t it ironic that the Republicans who hold events such as 9/11 sacred and constantly cry about not politicizing such events are now staying completely silent while the man leading them chooses to make a disgraceful example of exactly what not to do.




Did you bother to read what she said about 9/11? Please, she is pathetic.


Didn’t hear you complain when people were calling others to attack Sarah Sanders, and that was coming directly from the Democrats themselves. Oh sure it wasn’t said to say physically attack but to the rabid idiots on their side it is the same thing.

Both sides of politics play this game. It is wrong. Don’t defend it when it is your side of the political debate and you end up playing the hypocrite game.

Trump’s a douche and anyone calling for violence is a douche. Everyone needs to say that, not just when it suits them.


How anyone could support that disgrace of a woman is beyond me. She out and out ■■■■■ all over the victims of 9/11 and those unwilling to dig a little deeper eat the vomit she spews.


Are you talking about this?

“Here’s the truth,” she said. “For far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen. Frankly, I’m tired of it. And every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it. CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties”

Surely there’s more to it for all the crying?


She’s an easy target to rile up the Republican base. She’s female, a Muslim, a refugee and she talks about those issues. The quote in question is soooo far out of context it isn’t funny. If she hadn’t said this sentence, they’d have twisted another sentence for their needs.

It’s ■■■■■■ obvious what the Republican media organisation is doing. They have a list of targets, they wait for a quote that they can take out of context, then they hammer their target HARD. These are ruthless attack pieces, not in any way intended to be honest and truthful.

One example that ■■■■■■ me off royally was after the NZ massacre. Suddenly there were Breitbart and Fox pieces complaining that the leftist media were ignoring massacres of hundreds of Christians in Africa. That they were covering up torture of Christians in China. Completely forgot same crimes being committed against Muslims in the same places. Callously designed to take their base’s sympathy away from the horror of NZ.


, an anti-Semite.


It’s clear from your post that you haven’t. I’m not taking anything you say seriously because you actually believe Rep. Omar is an “anti-Semite” - you have zero credibility and have a clear bias against her.

Oh look, another one whose drinking from the GOP bathwater.

Aaaaand another.


I think she’s trying to have a reasoned debate about the horrors happening in Palestine, but it’s near on impossible to make those points without coming across as anti-Semitic. Add a bit of emotion and the immediate unedited publication nature of Twitter and she’s dancing blindly in a political minefield.

I agree there’s some quotes that come across as anti-Semitic. I don’t see a way that a Muslim Democrat could raise the issue of Palestine without accusations of anti-semetism. There’s far more extreme anti-semites in American politics, but they are white male christians.

Anyway, found this article to be useful.


You apparently think you know what this means, but it is obvious you don’t. More than one race is (purportedly) descended from Shem.

People should learn what they are talking about before repeating others’ propaganda.