Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


My first thought now when I see a piece from a partisan source is WHY did they publish this? The content is generally a twisting of reality for a propaganda outcome. The reason I look at partisan articles is to see what outcome they are trying to achieve.

Often it’s simply a distraction from something they are vulnerable to. The article itself is inconsequential, but acts as a smokescreen for something that should be quite serious.

There’s some serious work behind the scenes to set these narratives. Concepts are market tested by calling the electorate and taking feedback. This then flows into politicians talking points, keeping them on the exact message that has been shown to be most effective. With media arms on board, the media will follow up with the same narrative to support the political apparatus. What I’m saying isn’t conspiracy talk, I’ve spent a long time talking to a guy who does this exact service for Aus and UK political parties.


I can’t see how it can be construed as downplaying 9/11. I’m very confused about this particular controversy.

What did she say about Israel?


Have a look at the link I posted a last night. Vox article that did a good job of fairly showing where she stuffed up.


I’ll just post the link here


It does make me laugh when people talk about the bias of Fox News, and then post a Vox article as a balanced and credible source.


Haven’t heard anything negative about Vox. What I’ve read on there seems fairly balanced and detailed.

What’s the reason for your attitude?


All of their content leans to the left, it just varies how much depending who is writing the article. It’s an opinion site, I wouldn’t really call it a credible news source.

And before you even try it, I have already said long ago that I think Fox News is incredibly biased also.


Vox clearly has a left bent, but is highly rated for FACTUAL reporting.


Leaning to the left is fine. To deride a publication for being somewhat progressive when Fox falls so hard to the right it’s farking horizontal, and make any kind of equivalence, is a big baloney sandwich. A saucy one.


When I was in San Francisco, one of the events that I attended had Ezra Klein as a speaker. He went through how he set up Vox Media with Melissa Bell and Matthew Yglesias.

I did not find him particularly Left in his views and I feel the same about Vox, especially the views of Matthew Yglesias. However I do agree that they strive to be factual and unbiased, and even though both these guys are Jewish, do not pander to Israel or US support of Israel.

Klein admitted though that Vox is all about making money for his investors, and that was what he was there to talk to us about, how to keep his investors happy, and to get them to invest more and more. Seemed like a bloke with a very large ego, but I guess that was typical of the young and beautiful I met in SF.


I didn’t say they were the equivalent to Fox News…

They are very left-leaning though, I don’t give two ■■■■■ about if my news source is ‘progressive’, I just want them to report unbiased news.

I also think the Omar thing is overblown. I do think she needs to understand when talking about 9/11, people in the states are extremely farking sensitive towards it.

All politicians try to be as careful as they can be when talking about anything to do with it, because it is such a touchy subject.


I’m sure you didn’t mean this consciously but it sounds very much like you just made the equivalence. ‘also’ implies that Vox is incredibly biased. I might be twisting words for my own use though…


I was premeditating someone posting “OH AND FOX NEWS ISN’T” or something along those lines.

I do think Vox is very left-leaning, but I wasn’t making the equivalence between the two of them. They were two seperate thoughts, in one post.


Fair enuff


Wasn’t going to go there with Fox.

I like the Vox style of putting a fair bit of quotes and primary information into their pieces, then stating their opinion based off that. I didn’t agree with all of their position on the Omar issue, but there was enough detail there for me to form my own opinion.

I’ll watch for their bias in future.

So hard to find reporting that doesn’t get labelled as biased. Reading multiple sources and looking for primary quotes rather than pure analysis is my strategy. Makes life harder than it should be.


It doesn’t matter if iit’s biased, … what’s most important is if they are factual. VOX is Very Highly rated for facts, whereas FOX is highly rated for Anti Facts.

You can check out any source you want here, …


I agree with that method 100%, I think it’s the best way to go about it.

It’s always good reading multiple sources, especially with differing political views on a specific subject. It helps you form a more nuanced and rational opinion. And btw I do read Vox articles, I was just pointing out they too have their biases.


Biases are not an issue provided it’s clearly stated.

It’s like reading a game review from an Essendon supporter vs a non Essendon supporter. If you know which angle they are coming from you can make the adjustments.


While on media as well I feel the language we use today is too exaggerated. Everything is the worst it’s ever been. It’s never there is room for improvement or it was bad but had some positives as well. It’s simply WORST EVER! or ITS XYZ SO WE CANT DO A THING WITH THEM!

Kind of like the game day thread.


Think you could safely argue that the US President, current Australian Government, UK Government and Israeli Government are the worst that have ever been. Probably a number of others as well, Brunei, Saudi, Syria, Turkey etc.