Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


In their own unique and weird ways both Trump and Foxnews at times strike me as unhappy that Hillary isn’t President instead.


Did the Fox news guy visit during his golf round with Tiger and solving the problems of the middle East?


Flynn’s lawyers have been meeting with the Special Counsel again In the wake of ending their exchange of information with Trump’s legal team.


Project Veritas (an amusing name given what seems to be their stock in trade) busted pushing a false Roy Moore story to the Washington Post with the intent of embarrasing them for their dishonest reporting if they went to print with it. And presumably undermine Roy Moore’s alleged accusers/victims.


Just a quick observation from earlier. The plural of Nazi is Nazis, not Nazi’s. I know, I know, there’s nothing worse than a grammar Nazi.


Much like the Confederate battle flag, it’s about culture, not racism.


A retired Marine colonel is running as a write in candidate in Alabama. He says Moore is unfit to be in the Senate, and that Alabama needs a better choice than the one than it is presented with.


All that is likely to do is split the republican vote and give the democrats the win. Only 3-4% in the race as it stands. Polling 1 week ago had it effectively an even race.


Ummm, what about an actual Nazi?


Wow, really? I had to go and check this out to see what this “conspiracy theory website” was and all I could find was If that is what you are referencing then I am not sure how that is a “conspiracy theory website”. Or was there another site that you were referencing? has links to archived MSM (you know CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, etc) stories showing the achievements of President Trump, the ones that you don’t get to hear about because obviously the news about feeding fish, or how he opened a water bottle, or whether the Press Secretary actually baked a pecan pie or not is more important in leftie world.

Pretty amazing that you would think that these links are conspiracy theories, but then you are posting on a football fan forum, so nothing should surprise me.


What is it with you and your leftie/prog mates that when ever anyone mentions anything conservative you go straight to the nazis?

If you can’t see that the MSM have stirred this up into a huge mess to try and win back some seats at the 2018 elections then I am sorry for you.


Ahh McCain, such an outstanding man, but he can’t remember which leg to wear his brace on?

And before the usual twits on here jump in to say the pictures are reversed… no, they are not.

Here is this dimwits excuse:

Yeah, right. That is what you would do…FFS.

Did they swap his ankle tracking device over?


So, lizard people?


Was it a Full Moon last night??


Do lizard people swap their foot braces?

You seem to be the Blitz expert on conspiracy theories so please do tell.


I’m not a leftie you gun nut.


I think it was a Waxing Gibbous, but if you think it was a Full Moon then who am I to argue with you.


Oh, triggered!

And I don’t have any guns on my property, but hey whatever makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.


You should probably do a bit more research into what “Megapill” actually is.

Since my post they’ve deleted most of the stuff, but their twitter nonsense is still there, terrorist threats are false flags, hell even the name is a play on “Red Pill”…


Feel sad for McCain. Genuinely like the guy and respect him. There’s been a few odd moments in the past year which seem to be caused by his brain cancer.