Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Ah no. I just think trumps an idiot. But yeah go on.


Full moon, mass shootings. Always brings out his best.


Of course they did…

They knew you were exposing their conspiracy theories and so changed it so that I would only see the links to “reputable” MSM sites.


He’s a crisis actor.

Did trump wear a moon boot when he pussied out of the draft?


McCain, the guy who was all up for drone strikes against US citizens on US soil.

Yeah, great bloke.


Yeah righto.


Oh, what is a crisis actor? Is this another conspiracy theory?

Maybe you and wimmy could get together and do a conspiracy theory expose for those of us who live in the real world.


Are you that dense? Christ on a bike.


You obviously are…


Log off.


■■■■ off




Completely normal…


Look up “quixotic” in your favourite dictionary. There’ll be a picture of Warlock Paul.


Still not as bad as a grandma Nazi.


Their the wurst of the all the Nazi’s.


Just my opinion, the click bait stuff on water bottles etc and his outrageous and offensive tweets are a diversion from the focus on policy and that he is not doing too well on the legislative front.


I find them pretty much the same…all “Heil fellow, well met” sort of blokes.


So much for raging against the focus on the trivial and media bias.


Nazis are a media beat up?

The guys in Charlottesville.

With skin heads

Wearing swastikas

Carrying torches

Singing anti Semitic songs.

One of them ended up being a terrorist and killed poeople.

This was a media beat up for political purposes? Geez!