Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Fox’s panel and “entertainment” (Hannity) shows are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY worse than anything else on other cable news. Worse than Bolt’s show on Ten. Nothing can really compare on other services, until you get to the InfoWars type of online spectacle. The bias is truly strong.

Fox’s news division is fine, though. It skews right, but whatever. I’m a believer in the balance of all things and so forth, so conservatives can have their news skewed to what their interests are. No different than the Guardian AU spending every day since inception writing on refugees. (And I have to admit, I stopped reading the Guardian a year ago because I couldn’t deal with the constant reminder of our treatment of refugees.)


Given every time we switch teams in Australian government the ABC goes left or right, why not just have a rotating news service?

Monday is left bias, Tuesday right etc…

Even ABC Left and ABC Right!


Well, for mine the ABC these days is almost always straight down the middle.

All I can say to those on the right that continue to call it leftist, is that anything is going to be left of where they sit, … and the further out there you are, the more left the centre appears to be.


To me, the simple thing about the ABC staff and its viewers is that they largely dislike the rabid right and sundry other shifty political fixers. Nothing to do with left or right…


Not sure if that is directed at me, but I am centrist not right or left. I dislike both sides.


The UK have cancelled Trump’s state visit.

Edit: I got this wrong, sorry! Read too fast, posted too fast.






According to NYP, US has potponed the working visit. Makes sense in light of the hostility he has stirred up in UK.


I read it in the Telegraph.

Cancelled is the wrong word, I also misread US as UK when I was speed reading. That makes my first post misleading and wrong, very sorry!

Postponed with no definitive new date as bigallan suggests.




UK reporting that Trump might have been considering dropping into one of his Scottish golf courses on a side trip from a meeting in Hamburg and perhaps catching up with May. This would have involved a huge security exercise . Protests were being organised at the golf courses . Would not have been a good look.


Michael Flynn pleads guilty of lying to the FBI. One. More. Domino.


Russia again? Totally fake news. Tripper will be here shortly to let us know how laughable it all is.


Maybe it explains a bit about Trump’s twitter temper tantrums lately if the WH had some foreknowledge. Or that is just what he does on twitter.


What has happened in the past 5 minutes in the US Senate is an incredible con. Elected by a populist wave apparently to “stop this American carnage” and focus on the “forgotten man” the republicans have passed a tax bill that delivers incredible wealth to their millionaire donors while gutting the working class.

Congratulations America (or, at least the 24% who voted to #MAGA). Your deliverance is here.



The Rubio/Lee amendent was voted down earlier in the night?


Sucked in you bluddy numpties. You were told, … you were warned. Blind Freddie could see what a con it all was.

Now the blue collar white boys are getting what they deserve for being racist, ignorant fkwitz.

Wonder if the penny will actually drop now?


And Betsy de Vos college continues to get excise exemption for those colleges with large endowments. She noted that the college does not get federal funding. If it did, it would be subject to anti-discrimination law.


Now come on, don’t be like that. You know the trickle down economic theory means everybody below will be the richer for it.