Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Now known as Donald’s Golden Shower


Ha - very clever; guess he is ■■■■■■■ on everybody below him.


I’d be surprised if he can manage much more than a trickle



a swede mason video on blitz? astounding.


That would have taken ages.


Just keep those tweets going Donald like you knew Flynn was lying.


This is hiliarious:


This is also pretty funny:

Hmm, not sure how to embed the video…


The delicious irony is that by the time the Dems are back in power and this starts to bite, Rs are going to be screaming murder at how the Dems are ruining the US economy.

It’s amazing how there isn’t more noise about this. The magnitude of this con should be enough to start a revolution yet people are more interested in Meghan farking Markel.


It will be a very long time before Democrats get power. They are so far behind and so discredited that I reckon Trump will get 4 more years.

Must add that I am in Texas at the moment and Trump is very highly regarded here. They all have guns so I was silent for once


So you are going to quote from a highly leftist rag as proof it is correct? Lee Fang is so progressive he makes Obama look Republican. Quoting him as factual is like quoting Trump.


It certainly seemed to strengthen the obstruction of justice case. The WH house have now said that tweet was composed by John Dowd, one of Trump’s legal team, and are trying to walk back the implication that Trump knew Flynn had lied to the FBI when he asked Comey to drop the investigation of Flynn, and when he later fired Comey.


If you can find a source discrediting this article, please post it. Otherwise the fact that it comes from a leftist source doesn’t mean its untrue.

It was also interesting how on the weekend the group of 9 economists who worked for previous Republican administrations (and are quite respected) and who had said the tax cuts would increase growth by 10% over a decade walked back from their statement, saying that the 10% had no time frame *. Was that widely enough reported for you to be happy it is “true”?

.* relevant as that means the tax cuts don’t go near growing the economy enough to pay themselves off


The rich people will trickle down all over the poor. Nothing to see here.


Say the tax cuts to the wealthy increases growth and becomes revenue neutral. That means the slice of the tax pie that the wealthy pay will be reduced and the lower and middle classes will shoulder a larger portion of the burden. It’s effectively taking from the poor to give to the rich.

But the stupidest part is the tax cut is extremely unlikely to result in enough growth to pay for itself. The only way to balance be budget will be to cut spending. The rich generally don’t need government services, they can pay for their own needs. The biggest impact will be felt by the lower and middle classes. Schools, healthcare, basic standards of welfare, infrastructure will become unaffordable for the government.

This idea of small government has been the goal of the GOP since the advent of the tea party. My view is they will not cut spending to balance out the tax cuts.

At the end of the day, as the quality of education declines and infrastructure erodes, the US economy will lose competitiveness.


The idea that cutting corporate taxes somehow benefits the middle class is just pure fantasy and has been proven false many times over the past 100 years. It. just. doesn’t. work.

The only sure thing about this tax bill is that it’s going to saddle the USA with another 1-1.5T debt.


Well, Trump does like doing things bigly.


“Extremely unlikely to result in enough growth to pay for itself” that’s being extremely generous.

The nonpartisan Tax Policy Centre reckons at best the cuts will bring in $160bn over the next three years, leaving a $1.3tn deficit.


So, someone else is now pressing Trump’s ( tweet) buttons?