Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Others have at times in the past, I believe. Dan Scavino for example. This is the first time I can recall Trump trying to distance himself from anything the account said.

Doesn’t say much for the lawyer that they would put their client in the proverbial like that, if in fact it wasn’t Trump. Not something we can take at face value given the pattern of dishonesty however.


The best way to grow the economy is to get people spending more money. Poor people spend 100% of their income. Give a poor person an extra $1k a year, they spend an extra $1k a year. That has a direct, immediate impact on businesses.


Yeah, but did you hear she dreamed of becoming the next Diana? I know, right.”


It’s fantastic that this tax bill ■■■■■ on poor and middle income workers and gives almost all the benefits to the top 1% then.


Yet, when Trump tweets something in direct contradiction of US foreign policy, it’s all his own work. Can’t have it both ways.


I pretty much agree. Even if the lawyer wrote it, I imagine it would have been at the client’s direction for him to suddenly have access.


Is ‘my lawyer made me do it’ a good defence?


Wait for it - “You’re fired “ and a case against the lawyers for lack of professional diligence


Lol. “Acid washed emails”. ■■■■■■■ moron.


What is really annoying is that the Republicans argued against stimulus packages during the GFC on the basis that it would blow out the budget. If at any time you want to spend stimulus, its during a recession when aggregate demand is low. And some of the bits the Democrats wanted to cut were taxes directly on labour (such as payroll taxes). The Republicans fought tooth and nail against it.

Now, when the US economy is close to full employment, corporations are sitting on cash and profits, and the economy (although not the poor and lower middle class) is doing well, this is a stupid time to blow out the deficit. They should be doing what our conservatives did (Howard and Costello) and be using the better times to shrink the deficit. So you can then spend in a down turn.

I didn’t like Howard or Costello, but they got that part right.


And Labor did it right by accepting Ken Henry’ s advice on GFC: Go early, go hard, go households.
But Howard’s raid on the Future Fund ( against Costello’s opposition) to offer tax inducements is difficult to unwind.


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Maybe Trump could raise client privilege to prevent any release of what he told his lawyers?


I don’t know what you guys are complaining about.

Last time there was a Republican president, they squandered over $1 trillion on an unjustified war.

At least this time they are not killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and sending the world into new levels of chaos and terrorism.


The same lawyer who claim responisbility for Trump’s tweet, John Dowd, now arguing that technically a President can’t obstruct justice. To start publicly making that case they have to be worried that‘s exactly what he has done.

Wasn’t it Nixon who said “it’s not a crime if the President does it”?


In their haste to write, revise, and then pass a tax bill in the middle of the night and before anyone could read it the Senate GOP may have accidentally nullified a whole swathe of corporate tax cuts according to NYmag.


Yes. Unbelievable! We are in the twilight zone.



Today Mrs Fox and I went to the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. It was a very emotional journey and it gives out a powerful message.

Much of the place is about the fight for civil rights in USA and about Martin Luther King, but there is a floor on human rights around the globe.

It has graphic film of Governor Wallace and his bigoted outbursts and worse from others. It also has film of the freedom rides into Georgia and Alabama and the brutal treatment to non-violent protesters by police, officials and white bigots; it is very frightening and made me so sad and very angry.

We spoke at length with a lady who works there who was a teenager in those years, and she was inciteful about then and the progress to now, at the joy of Obama and the dread of Trump.

I did not realise have brave President Johnson was as a champion of civil rights, as all I knew him for was pushing us into the Vietnam war. She was also very positive about Jimmy Carter as President and his work at 90 still fighting for civil rights, and how he spends his fortune on providing low cost housing.

If you are ever in Atlanta it is worth a visit.


Everywhere I wanted to go in Atlanta was closed for the day (Monday, I think) bar Coca Cola and Hooters.

Even Margaret Mitchell’s house was shut.

That was 20 years ago.