Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I walked past Hooters on Peachtree St and didn’t even go in. I am getting very old.


But beware of engaging with the locals on Trump. I know a few who are avid supporters and consider he supports their evangelical Christian beliefs.


Yep, I have been in Texas last week, and Trump is king, just after Jesus Christ.


Both of whom drive in NASCAR.


Underground Atlanta, IIRC.

When I was there, it was not long after the Olympics there and they’d lost a few of their girls to strip clubs.

I think it was there that some of the waitresses were on roller skates, and there was no way they were falling flat on their face, if you know what I mean.



Read this earlier today. I love it.

Rush it through so no one can fully understand it, including us!


Mueller has subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for Trump family records. When Trump had gone completely underwater in the 90s and no US banks would lend to him he found Deutsche Bank willing to help.

Also the RNC have jumped back in to Alabama to help Roy Moore, despite being an alleged pedophile. They are obviously not worried about alternative readings of the acronym GOP.


Has he been charged by the police? Has he faced court proceedings? No, atm, they are just allegations, it doesn’t make them true.

And I am not saying they are not true but you can’t hang someone out to dry on allegations. If you start saying guilty before innocence you create terrible witch hunts where all sorts start making up lies to stop people running for office…


He won’t be charged, as I have said before, the statute of limitations has passed. So the question is not about jail, not about beyond reasonable doubt in a court. It is about whether he is suitable for the Senate. Holding out for criminal charges that will never come is just an excuse to not make a decision.

His denials have been shifting and changing. Even Hannity baulked at them.

I said alleged, which is what he is. 30 women and corroborating witnesses were involved in the first story, more since. Banned from the local mall for creeping on girls.

The Governor of Alabama has said she believes the women, but says it is more important to not have a Democrat. A sentiment that has been echoed since. Beyond the morality of that position it is interesting given Moore’s views on women in politics, i.e. that they shouldn’t be in it.

As a judge he was twice removed from his position because he didn’t follow the law.


Yeah I get all that.

Should allegations without charging or conviction stop someone running for office?

Yes: there is clear evidence that this guy is not suitable for public office. In such circumstances his party (whatever side it is) should not endorse him, if he wants to run as an independent then that’s his prerogative.

No: it opens a can of worms that allows unscrupulous people to use it to stop someone running whom they cannot beat, without any real evidence, just allegations.

In this case, individually, it seems an obvious answer but what does it mean moving forward.

PS, I think the GOP is wrong on this one btw


I think allegations without any real backbone to them get exposed pretty quickly. As an example the false allegations about Moore that were being pushed to the Wapo by Project Veritas in an attempt to trip up the newspaper.

I hear your concerns about weaponised sabotage, but making such a claim is not without risk. Even genuine victims/whistleblowers have their lives made a misery upon going public. How much higher would the reputational or occupational damage be to someone caught in a falsehood? Now that I ask that I’m forced to consider that it could be lower, such is the topsy turvy nature of society.

As video technology improves we could see a rush of near flawless fakes hit. That will be bad.

Stop, no. But if he doesn’t have the dignity to withdraw he should be running without support, the national arm got that right the first time even while the local wing went to a crazy place. The RNC diving back in now after the allegations have only gained credibility mirrors what they did for Trump though. They fled, and then crawled back.

If memory serves when David Duke won a primary the RNC pulled support, and the then Republican President endorsed his Democrat opponent in the election.



The only thing missing from the Roy Moore saga is an actual confession from the man himself. I believe the women. I believe the water tight reporting by WaPo. And, I believe the security firm who had banned Roy Moore from a mall back in the day as he was annoying young girls.

Not much more to be said.

This whole toxic male notion of deny, deny, deflect is wearing thin.


In a distant but more familiar universe, any person, let alone the POTUS, who endorsed an individual like Moore after multiple, credible allegations alleging grossly inappropriate conduct were made, that person would then be seen as supporting, endorsing or approving of the alleged behaviour and would be impacted negatively by association. Not in this universe.


I agree but in the political universe, winning at all costs seems to outweigh common sense.


But when did the good people lose it’s moral compass? Reckon if you had to identify the time you could reasonably argue it started under W Clinton. Winning for Clinton meant first denying then denigrating those who had made complaints against him, culminating in his outrageous explaination in the Lewinski disgrace. The public by and large accepted his version of events and by extension helped design the template for others to follow. Clinton ‘Weinsteined’ “that woman” and several others yet is paraded openly by the DNC as a hero of the left and his misdemeanors are swept under the carpet. Two wrongs don’t make a right but you can see why Trump has gone there in his support of Moore.


That’s the most obvious moment however i think ti started far earlier than that and the Lewinsky (and others) situation was the final tipping point to full acceptance.

Sadly the Weinstein affair hasn’t seemed to dent it too much.


Hard to argue against the idea that the DNC damaged themselves in their Bill Clinton contortions over the years.


No doubt but the conniptions over Moore without internal reflection render their attacks somewhat muted. The other side just say “yeah but…”.