March to the G


I bet he got off lite N easy


I just started pre drinks for the march. That’s how excited I am


Its a scientifically proven fact the Johno Brown’s Neck and Jaw are wider than the top of his head


How many likes can I give???


Surely Hodge had (another) night out on the ■■■■? No other explanation for why he would miss a training session and the club would sanction him.


So, no Hodge, Mitchell, Lewis or Hill in theory increases Essendon prospects round 1. Going to be fascinating (not!) to see how the Hawks go this year. Their form preseason has been average (which doesn’t always tell the full story). Gee, they’ve got a soft run early … Essendon, Crows here, GC away (hit and miss?), Cats (on the decline?), Eagles at the G, Saints (Tassie), Dees, Lions, Pies (their bunnies) and finally a “decent” opponent in the Swans!

I just hope Essendon win and start planting the seeds of doubt into the psyche of those “horrible” Hawks … you can probably tell I’ve got a thing about the gold and brown (ha! I should let it go)

14 days to go and counting


By my reckoning, that would make a 0-6 opening for them.


Dermie couldn’t help himself yesterday - said he couldn’t understand why anyone at Hawthorn would get sanctioned for an Essendon game.


I honestly think we will roll the hawks. Their list is rapidly declining.


farkin farkwit


Isn’t he complimenting us by saying our games are too important to win to risk suspending players for them?


That’s the way I read it too. Either way he’s still a douche.


Who gives a fark. He’s a farkwit.


As there are many supporters coming up from Melbourne to attend Brisbane vs Essendon @ Gabba on April 1st can we have a shout out to any Blitzers who want to March from a given location to the Gabba? Last time when Blitzers attended we didn’t get a chance to meet, drink, yarn. This time would like it to be different.


No Dayle Gaylett, Jed Anderson and Suckling.
No younger guys replacing the retirement squad.
Gibson, Smith and Burgers are cooked.


Coming down for the march and 1st game of the year. Does anyone know what time the march is going to start?


Good work to the fans handing out flyers about the march yesterday at the game. Should be a massive turnout.


Even tho the march officially starting further up the road from Transport I have a good feeling I can start loading up on frothier there and simply walk out to tack onto the back of the march


Van Diemen Dons have a function at the transport bar from 3:15-4:45 pre Walk to the G. Anyone who wants to drop in is most welcome.


Dermie looks like the bent cop in that 80’s Tom Selleck movie “An innocent man”