Marijuana legalisation


anyone here use a vaporizer or e-cigarettes?

Ordered some Bull Smoke starter pack a week or so ago - hasn't arrived yet, will let you know how it goes (if I remember)
I've tried E ciggies... They are OK, not sure they could totally replace normal ciggies though. You get the hit, but it's not the same. You might as well just quit.
I'm very keen to try a vaporiser though, don't know anybody in Aus who has one.
One of my techs was smoking a pack a day, now has a 'pen' and has totally quite the cigs. Reckons he cant even stand the smell of real ciggies anymore. Saving money too. He 'smokes' at his desk and i cant smell a thing. Productivity way up as a result of not ducking outside every half hour for 5 minutes..
Someone I know bought a Pax vapouriser recently in the US. Likened to the 'iPhone of vapes'. Really well designed and made. Hardly any noticeable smell. Totally portable. Doesn't think he'll ever smoke again.

That vape looks nice, but again, they are very expensive and I want to try one first before I buy one.
I have this horrible ciggies / joints thing where I quit one, but end up smoking heaps of the others. I really want to quit ciggies, but I kinda still want to have some weed occasionally. I'm hoping a vape will solve my problems, so your story above gives me hope.


Anyone watch Insight last night ?


Thoughts ? (if you did). 


Anyone watch Insight last night ?


Thoughts ? (if you did). 



Looks like Washington DC may be next. Counting so far in initiative for legalization of possession of minimal amounts of marijuana for personal use.



			D.C. initiative: Marijuana


Floridians voted Tuesday not to amend the state Constitution to allow the medical use of marijuana. Though the measure garnered majority support at the polls, Florida law required 60 percent for passage. The measure had 57 percent support, with 82 percent of precincts reporting.


Oregon has also just legalized cannabis.


Alaska also looks likely but not confirmed.


Greens bring ridiculed for what looked a relatively commonsense policy. If alcohol was new there is no chance we would be allowed access


The Greens idea is silly.


why is that exactly IT?


Needs flushing out but looked reasonable to me


I know the effects of taking that drug, grew up seeing it and i can tell you right now that it impacts some people quite badly. But the steady carryon over the last 20 years has been to water down peoples ideas of this drug and the impacts it has.

Sure there are people less effected but that can be said of a lot of other drugs too. Smoking should be banned outright (taxes before health is the mantra though) and this drug should stay banned.

But that’s my opinion and if the court of public opinion eventually gets it’s way they will legalise this crap.


Do current methods of controlling the drug work?


Uninformed ignorant opinion is uninformed and ignorant.

Mute function where for art thou, … I miss thee so … :expressionless:


ok sure. We all know people who smoke, my experience is different and if I think of everyone I know who is a regular user are all hard working tax paying adults raising families. I include myself in that statement.

I’d argue is this:

  1. It was made illegal on the back of nepotism in the textiles industry and racism. Was never banned on direct health grounds.

  2. Everything has a risk profile and abuse of anything is damaging no doubt. Out of alcohol, tobacco and easy to get pain prescriptions, cannabis has the lowest risk profile than any of them. Zero overdose potential.

  3. There hasnt been a sudden upsurge in cannabis use in states like Colorado since legalisation. In fact teenage use went down , probably as it lost it’s rebeliious factor once it went mainstream. Also as it’ so easy to get anyone that wants to use cannabis already does.

  4. If legalised, controlled and taxed a LOT of money goes to govt coffers rather than into criminal hands. Thats a lot of money that can be directed to mental health support, health care and schools, as seen in Colorado .

  5. We have an ice epidemic in this country. Limited police resources and legal system resources are wasted on pursing cannabis for no benefit. As per the recent statement last few days by former AFP Commissioner Mick Palmer saying the idea has merit. As he said “Australia needs to move away from the ‘War on Drugs’ mentality” . It hasnt worked and will never work, no more so than with cannabis.

IMO thats why I’ll support any moves to legalisation. FWIW I also support heavier sentences for manufactures and dealers of things like ice and ampethamines. Also would like to see the legal age for cannabis, alcohol and tobacco raised to 21.


I think the other way IT in that people have exaggerated the effects for years and tainted it. I have known a lot of people who have dabbled and would comfortably have weed legalized well before alcohol.


“Reefer Maaaaadneeeeeesss”

Straight outa the 50’s, …scare mongering crap.


Top farkn movie!


Smoke it through a vaporiser & no damage to the lungs ‘allegedly’


Pretty sure Greg Hunt thinks it’s a modern documentary based on the inane reasons he gave yesterday for being against legalisation. I don’t think he quoted a true fact once. Then sunk himself even further trying to argue about free speeach and some Libs striking down an internal ‘gay conversion’ motion.


Cannabis by itself is quite a good bronchodilator and expectorant, and vapourises like Pax certainly better than combustable smoking. Probably not getting through 100% scott free though due to factors like tar.