Marijuana legalisation


I went to a market research session a few months ago where they were testing out upcoming Greens policy and this was one of them. In that session however the policy was introduced as being for a variety that is without THC so that it wouldn’t carry the mental health risks.
I haven’t heard that mentioned in the policy discussion this week and wonder if it didn’t make the cut?


I did a RSA refresher course last night so I can tell you that @alex.f.94 is correct, minors are allowed to drink as long as they are having a meal with their guardians.


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You see it all the time on the streets, apartments, trains, the smell captures the city - they have an obsession here (I am sure it is more prevalent in CA etc)

I am sure most that use it are fine, but I have seen many males that have lost control to it - for those - it can quickly turn into a gateway drug


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A gateway drug like alcohol you mean?


Teh general ‘Gateway drug theory’ (taking cananbis means you will one day take heroin cause its evil too) was debunked a while ago. Taking cannabis doesn’t directly lead you to taking harder drugs anymore than your first sip of beer did. Anyone with a predisposition to self-medicate to point of abuse will seek something out as there is an underlying issue.

Where the ‘gateway’ theory has a modicum of truth is that while cannabis is illegal it has to be sought from dealers. Therefore it’s more likely the dealer may be sellng other illegal substances . 'I dont have that today, but hey you wanna try this ? ’


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Whilst that is true to a degree, there is in my opinion a correlation between marijuana use and ice use. Both are consumed the same way, have the same demographics in terms of users and are similar in price.

Show me an ice user and generally they will be an ex or current marijuana user. In fact, many use marijuana as a come down from the ice.

Note: This does not mean all marijuana users graduate to ice.
What it means is that most ice users do come from a marijuana background.


and before the cannabis?


And you will find the the overwhelming majority of users of all illicit drugs come from an alcohol background. The entire concept of substance a leads to the use of substance b as users climb the ladder of increasing nastiness is an absolute steaming pile trotted out by people without the intellect, or desire, to actually look at what is really happening. Simplistic and makes for a nice stringent headline. The fact is that every substance is different and delivers different results to it’s users. Many people are actually poly drug users (in fact most I would think), but in most cases it will be alcohol and whatever. And in some cases many whatevers. But they are not looking for the same effect from all these different substances. They are all used for their own individual reasons and effects. And I’m afraid it doesn’t matter how much tut tutting the law and order maniacs do, its is just human nature to want to get ■■■■ faced and spend a bit of time outside of normal life boundaries from time to time. Everyone does it, from the most primitive tribesmen, to the most educated people of our modern societies, and everyone in between. Including many of those who publicly rail against such behaviours. It has always been this way, and one would assume it always will. It is just the way we humans are.


Yes, as well as those who advocate for legalisation of substance x, y (but not necessarily z) who don’t use it themselves.


Mate most people who take ice will take virtually anything. They are full desperado junkies. Got nothing to do with marijuana as they both have opposite effects. Look at krokodil in Russia for instance. It just so happens that they have taken it in their course. Often it’s a vicious cycle, in that the parents are addicts, and the kids are around a lot of terrible environments (drugs, abuse, abandonment and homelessness) from childhood. They don’t know any other life apart from this existance on the fringes of society. Of course you have kids who are from a good environment and turn out the same, but that’s another story.


An interesting thought, knowing what we know about alcohol (by far contributing to more harm/deaths than illicit drugs in Australia) let’s say it was discovered tomorrow, do you think it would be made illegal?


Alcohol has the biggest impact becuase it is clearly consumed in volumes far greater than other drugs.

It is in no way as bad as a lot of other drugs.

If society consumed ice, benzos or opiates in same the volume as alcohol. Things would get wack pretty quickly.


It’s an interesting question. The question that needs to be answered first though is, if it had never been discovered, what would our culture and society look like?


How do you figure it’s isnt ‘as bad’ as other drugs? By bad do you mean risks/harms to the self and others?



As an example if people got together in groups to do benzos(picked this coz it’s legal) on the weekend. Had competitions to see who consumed the most(like we do with alcohol). Well people would die and in quite large numbers.

Not to downplay the insidious nature of alcohol and it’s imoact. But other drugs are way more powerfull.


A bit like these countries where alcohol is banned:

India (in the states of Gujarat, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland, and the union territory of Lakshadweep.)
Saudi Arabia
UAE (only Sharjah)
Pakistan (only for Muslims)


Don’t forget the mormons