Marijuana legalisation


Discussion has wandered a long way from recreational cannabis


Hmmm, yet some of them permit weed. Go figure!


I’d like to see it legalised. I don’t want my kids getting themselves in a situation where they share some around with friends then get done for “distribution” which under the law is basically dealing.


True to form cannabis has lead to a wandering discussion.


Wash you mouth out… nevermind.


The gateway theory as Incoming said has been debunked. The only thing it is a gateway to is illegality by virtue of the fact that it is illegal. Remove that, you remove the gateway.


Any medical or drug & Alcohol proffesional will tell you that alcohol has the biggest impact on society of all the drugs. It is by far the worst. And causes the most psychological damage. Not to mention what it can do to families.

But for some reason we as society are very concerned about Recreation cannabis use.


In my experience the green stuff does lead to more unhealthy choices, like Maccas.


It’s a gateway to Pizza, that can’t be denied.


Won’t be legalised until long term effects have been studied at medicinal doses as well as how it affects their day to day functioning.
We know cannabis helps a person in pain reduce their pain, what we don’t know is whether it turns a functional person in pain into a dysfunctional person without pain. Particularly when we’re talking people operating trucks etc


Sure, it can be. Absolutely - it’s a poison.

Not sure why people default to an argument against alcohol, as some sort of defense for Marijuana


It’s a gateway to prog rock, is what it is.
Oh sure, it starts out innocently enough with later Floyd albums, but then they start getting into their early stuff.
And before you know it they’re on Rush, Can, and friggin’ Tubular Bells.
After that, it’s pretty much Jethro Tull all the time.
And you know they’re trying to push that ■■■■ on their friends.


Absolutely it’s a gateway drug, it’s at the start of the journey.

Literally the first illicit drug most males experience of the age 14-18 try is Marijuana.

It’s not like their first experience is a hit of molly in the playground at school.

As I said most will leave it at that, but males do move onto pills (full of your common laundry detergents) that bake your developing brain. Because young males are risk takers and after that next frontier or bump.

Going back to my OP, if people want to legalise it, go for it - if you want to use - no issue at all. I was just commenting on the culture here in NY.

But people have to have their eyes open, that this will lead some users onto harder drugs.


But did they just jump straight to marijuana?

Didn’t smoke a few ciggies first? Grab hold of a bottle of Jim Beam? I bet they did.

It’s a long line of substances that leads up to heavy drug use like ice and smack, so it’s strange to decide that pot is the gateway. And if you are saying it’s a gateway because it’s the first illegal drug they try… Well, making it legal fixes that problem, does it not?

That’s not to say there aren’t real dangers with marijuana use, but ‘Gateway Drug’ is a pure propaganda term.


I injected one marijuana and now all i can say is





I understand where you are coming from and perhaps the term ‘gateway drug’ is not totally accurate.

But like ‘having a dart’ after a couple of schooies, consuming weed with other recreational drugs is a thing.

Again, I am fine with it being legal - but there still needs to be a mature conversation that this will lead some people down the path to harder drugs.


When you’re enjoying your morning caffeine hit, just remember that’s a drug too. Heavily pushed, cheap, legal and don’t we ■■■■■■■ love it here in Melbourne, even if it sometimes tastes like ■■■■.


Sure, but having a dart with recreational drugs is also a thing (a big thing, in fact), plus amphetamines and alcohol go hand-to-hand together.

I totally agree that any push for legalisation has to include a mature conversation about the dangers of marijuana, I just don’t believe this is one of them.


30 years after marijuana has been legalised and is socially acceptable and we realise that what we’ve been taught about psychedelics like MDMA, LSD and Psilocybin is equally wrong (not to mention insaaaaane therapeutic benefits) will we argue that weed and alcohol and smoking are normal but these are the “gateway” drugs because they’re the least harmful of the remaining prohibited substances?

NB I expect MDMA to be legalised for therapeutic purposes within 5/6/7 years in some places


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