Marijuana legalisation


For recreational use? A while I would think.


Legal to kill yourself in Victoria.

Not legal to smoke pot.

That’s some weird ■■■■.


What are they gonna do, put you in jail post-death?


So…could your defence be, oops…missed?

Probably not.
Never mind.
Carry on.


Take away your assets and the people it should go to won’t get it because you lived the life of an evil criminal. The sort of evil criminal that would relax and listen to some cool music while eating a nice chocolate cake.


SA liberal govt have just abandoned their push to re-criminalise possession due to overwhelming public backlash.

Still quadrupled the on the spot fine to $2000.

Backwardass wankers.


Must have seen through the uninformed rantings of a couple of high status conservative fear mongers. Good (except for the fine).


A fine for possession? Is it actually enforced?

You guys can grow 250 plants for personal use, but you’re getting done for possession?


They can grow 5


So now we should expect that suicide rate will go from zero to lots overnight.


My experience is that the cops tend not to look for it, even if they’re looking straight at it.

Unless you p!ss them off.


Liberal dogwhistle 101. Pick an issue that people are generally uninformed about and play the fear card. Gateway drug, brain damage, criminal activity type bullshite.

Didn’t work this time. SA is a quirky little place.


Caught an episode of Traffic Squad or whatever it was called recently. You know the one where deadshits get tested then stupidly allow themselves to get filmed and then offer up life lessons to the rest of us about the evils of drink/drug driving? That show. This one bloke’s eyes were hanging out so far from his head, I don’t know why they needed to test him. When asked “Have you consumed any illicit drugs over the previous 48 hours?” he replied “Nah, mate… hang on… I had a scoob not long ago”.


… “Like, at the start of this sentence…”

Those shows are trash excellence.


Daughter of a late friend of mine had some really serious drug issues - ice, horse, the lot. Been in the slammer a few times. Riddled with the pox after hawking the fork.

Another friend told me she died about three weeks back after getting hold of some ultra-strong marijuana from China. Can it kill you? Or was it because her system was rooted?

My mate disinherited her a few years back, but the Public Trustee refused to let the will stand, saying she couldn’t look after herself and was entitled to a bigger share than the other two kids. She was a shocker - kicking the suitcase out of her mum who was dying of breast cancer a few years back. She’d also made death threats against her older sister and sister’s young daughter.


No it can’t kill you.
No one imports weed from China.
Your other friend is short on clues.
But it sounds like both she, and the family, are now in a better place.


Synthetic gunge, perhaps?


Sounds like she may have been on more than just wacky tabacky


Sounds plausible.
We’ve had some issues with it at work.


She would have injected horse poo if it gave her a high.

I hadn’t seen her myself in 20 years or more.