Marijuana legalisation


it closed in it’s original form in 2012, used to have a great bandroom…now reopened with added apartments (yayyy :money_mouth_face::face_vomiting:) like most of the venues around that area


I forget the name of the pub, but it was on the NE corner of Lygon and Grattan, iirc. I think there’s a 7/11 there now. The Cullens might have moved on to the East Brunswick from there, or frequented both places at the same time. I remember they had a flat right nearby — like, a block away — and a bunch of us used to go back there and sample the wares. Psychedelic stuff after a few beers. I was living in a house on Lygon Street at the time; rented out by Ray Gaita and sublet to other guys: the pub was the nearest to my place, about a block away. It was the younger brother, Dave Cullen, who told me about the photographic magazine scam. They were Irish — from Dublin, I think. I was always sorry I lost contact with them — they were good blokes.


Dont forget the original Thai Buddah stick’s…mmmmm…buddah stick’s.

Monash uni small cafe in the 80’s.


A man couldn’t forget those.

But if we are talking the vegetative matter, I think Durban Poison was hard to go passed.
Rare, but astonishingly powerful.


Oh yeah,that stuff was pshycotic.


There was a lot happening in Brunswick in the old days.


My wife and I were talking about this the other day. We decided on being honest without being too honest.


Do stoners actually believe in the provenance if the dope they smoke?


Can we have that again in english please?


THT is full of THC?