MARK HARVEY joins The Lunchtime Catch Up to review 2018

II thought he was inferring (in a joking kind of way) that the girls think Guelfi is a good looking dude too and he has to be careful to not to let that distract him.

That’s what it sounded like to me… not that Guelfi is a narcissist. Which I think was what Grant thought Harvey was saying. It got a bit confusing.

Apart from that it was a terrific interview. MH sounds very excited and confident about next season … well done guys. Appreciate all your hard work.


That was great , thanks!

Well done to get an extended interview with Harves.
I think now we should call you “Scoop”, or “The best in the business”

Club has been positive about our show…much thanks to them really. We still want one more big guest for this year😀

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Great podcast with Harvs, liked the confirmation that Aaron Francis will play VFL on Sunday too!


Yeh it makes the game really interesting this Sunday with Francis playing

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looking forward to your awards podcast

Have you still got Hirdy to come?

The next couple of weeks could be the last time we get to see Francis playing VFL football.


Interesting what Paul Cousins said to you in your earlier podcast about how Aaron was now bringing his VFL ‘game’ to the AFL.

Consider too, his 1st VFL game this year was late April at Collingwood, 4 months ago, he’s come a long way

I thought Harves was (jokingly) saying that Guelfi being so good looking was distracting for the coaches, could have also meant the girls following him distract the coaches, dunno.

As for his other comments, he spoke about Guelfi being a mature utility which made me think he might be the new Goddard, but then he kind of mentioned him as good depth which was less flattering though maybe referring to his draft position (which was where the conversation had been diverted).

I know some people don’t want Harves around much longer but I think we are on a pretty good trajectory and wouldn’t want to mess with too much.

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Ha, ha … you may be right about the coaches being distracted… It got a bit confusing…

Donald Trump is going to try and contract Franga as his wall he will block that many attacks on Sunday.

Yeh he noted he would do it…but to be honest getting time in his schedule is not easy I have found out. Hopefully sometime soon.

This thread should always be Trump free


Liked the interview…my only gripe…and I’ll duck and run after I say this…is that some of the questions could have been shorter, so we heard Harvs talk more.

Yeh that’s a fair call. Sometimes a bit of nerves can do this to us.


Great interview, should’ve really asked the ‘what was the catalyst’ question.

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