Marketing Funds Waste

Got this in the mail. If sent to all members, with the cost of printing, postage and personalising, the Media Dept has just wasted between $120k and $150k when the Club is crying poor! Could have achieved same outcome (minus personalising) by posting on website!!
Can’t apparently afford to cover a minuscule amount for my out-of-pocket costs for photo services - many hundreds of hours over the season - but can afford to “grandstand”.
Beats me.:angry:




Seems like a weird thing to complain about. My club loves and appreciates me too much.


Sounds like someone’s bitter over not being given a job.

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It does sound a tad like that doesn’t it Barnzy. :wink:
If you knew the circumstances you may sympathise. Then again, you may not! :frowning:

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Mate, they only got sent to David’s…it saved the club a fortune.


You mean david evans got one?

burn the marketing department to the ground.


Well, I never got my doorstop thanks last year, so I reckon us Davids need a boost.


Membership with a club is not a year by year thing, it’s a relationship that is developed over many years and it’s the differing sources of engagement that the club puts out there that makes us all feel special and thought of.

The cost of these flyers will be inconsequential with the amount of returning members in the years to come.

If we do not spend this 150k~ we may not get the extra 5k members next year, which would be an even bigger cost to our bottom line.




I’m still waiting for my magazine and magnet fixture. :frowning:

Where are we playing this week?

And where is the team?

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Questionable logic…by the way, you don’t happen to work for the Media Dept do you conjunctivitis? :joy:

Haha unfortunately no.

But everyone knows that 50% of ALL marketing spend works, know one ever knows which 50% works though :slight_smile:


More like 40k, I know cause I quoted the print.


Need to add substantial amount for postage Andrew_5
PS Good to see a Blitzer actually getting some work from the Club. :wink:

Would have been good to do the job, but i didn’t end up winning the quote…
In regards to postage, we get a discounted rate, so what you think was paid, and what is actually paid are chalk and cheese

Common person price is always lower than bulk company rates

I think you meant higher.

Yeah. Hard to spew verbal garbage on a phone

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