Marriage is totally Gay


See we got it out of you. You do believe in equality, may the force be with you.


That really should be your profile pic.


Wasn’t it half the people at your work are gay and want to vote “no” earlier? Or is there only you and one other person at your work?

Out of interest, why is the gay person voting “no”?


I think half the people in this thread need a Section 8.


I said they were discussing voting no, I know of only one who has definitively said they will vote no. They were discussing voting no because they don’t agree with this whole voting thing and want the politicians to do their job, so it would be a protest vote.


Ah, sorry I misread. Interesting angle to take, given that no is no and no one will learn of the reasons why people choose to vote that way.


I’m sure there’l be a judge willing to rule against that contention somewhere.


I said that to them.

I think when it comes time to vote, if the question is as clear as the one people think then my opinion is that they will vote yes.


Out of curiosity, how do they come to the no’ decision


I have actually spoken with a number of people who were going to either vote no or not vote as a protest against the Government wimping out on it.

I convinced them all that not voting or voting no is just a win for the homophobes and religious zealots who want to force their religion on us all.

The whole deal is crap that just further divides communities. Who would have thought that in a democracy, you vote for a Government and once they get in they just cannot make a decision.


I’ve already said how, jump back up.


Ok, truth is I don’t want to burn in hell with the rest of you sinners.

I have been clear that I will not vote. I hope the yes vote wins, but I can’t stand the attitude of the yes voters.

Kevin Spacey and other creeps

I cant stand the attitude of Daytripper, and he supports Essendon.

Therefore I will not support Essendon, because I don’t like him.


I don’t understand why “yes” voters have an attitude. I am grateful that you wont vote no, but I hope you can be bothered to vote yes. For the sake of my family and as a fellow essendon member.


Some do, some don’t, human nature.


Attitude is probably wrong. But I feel pressured into voting yes, otherwise I feel like some kind of bigot.

If the survey had just come around asking the question, I would have simply voted yes, because I don’t care, meaning I’m not against it. But some of the offensive stuff I have seen against the no voters has turned me off. There are many no voters out there with their own reasons for voting no, be it religion, or up bringing (many elderly). They are not bad people, it’s their beliefs.

I might change my mind and vote yes because of you bomberjase, because your not getting on your high horse, and actually reasoning with me without lableing me. People need to back off those with different opinions!


Haven’t read all posts but heard spokesmuhamed for muslims say ( on the ABC ) they are keeping low profile coz people will think they’re radical, intolerant and biased (who’d a’ thought!). I"m sure he said muslims are against SSM.
I thought they’d be all for it as it could open a door for the next step to be towards polygamy.
You can say NO! You can say YES!


Cory Bernadi says SSM could lead to dead muslims having sex with as many as 72 virgins.



Mate, if the above from @bomberjase doesn’t show you why it’s worth voting yes, then probably nothing will.

He’s an actual bloke. With a family. A kid and a partner. Loves footy. Probably has a job and bills and ■■■■ like the rest of us. Just so happens his partner is a bloke.

Although it was kinda humorous, when you asked earlier why the question of SSM impacts him was a pretty good example of why a no vote makes no sense: you had no idea the bloke was gay. And nor should you have, just two people having a conversation like any two people can do. Just as any two people can play tennis, go on holiday, buy a house, start a business, get a cat, share a meal and even raise a child.

And if any two people can do all of that together, then why shouldn’t they be “allowed” to get married?

Further, what message are we sending, about ourselves and about them, by saying they can’t?

The “what about the poor children” argument put up by some, including the ACL, seeks to entrench the myth that gay people and their kids are abnormal. They are not. There are same-sex parent families all over the country right now, doing all of the things I listed above, just as heterosexual couples are doing. The only; only difference is that gay couples can’t marry.

I’d ask you, and anybody thinking about voting no because they don’t like mean, pushy lefties, to consider who stands to lose more: people having internet reactions, or people who are labelled as “abnormal” and are currently being told that their kids are “abnormal” too.

In my view, there’s no other reasonable, fair or decent option here other than to vote and to vote “yes”. People like bomberjase deserve it, are entitled to it and it is long overdue.


Interesting point. Why has no one asked the Muslim community for their opinion?

Anyway, when is this vote?