Marriage is totally Gay


I agree it is not a human right.

It is a Civil Right ! There is a big difference.


Had a chat to the wife. Like most, we are ambivalent yes voters, but will make a point of voting as we figure diehard no voters may outnumber committed yes voters.


Non-discrimination and equality before the law are human rights…


Human rights arise from being human, civil rights arise from law.

Equality and non-discrimination are basic human rights, but need the force of law behind them.


Not sure if this is real or trollin’.


Are they claiming that Labor encourage wanking off?


Cause guys need so much encouragement?


The Howard years saw stabbing the rabbit reach low levels not seen since the Menzies era.


It will be interesting to see whether this postal vote is upheld as being constitutional or not in the High Court. I was listening to the lawyer who is challenging the legality of appropriating government funds without parliamentary approval and he seems to have a solid argument.


What happens if a gay guy marries a gay woman?


They have a gay divorce due “irreconcilable differences” not long after?

Or babies.


We had a gay mate, whose partner was a member of Le Girls.The Partner decided to have the full sex change operation, and both were really excited until I asked if this meant my mate was now straight. Never did get an answer.

Don’t think they ever got married, but they lived together for over thirty years until both died.


Then everybody is happy!


Clearly just doesn’t want to get Married…great excuse LOL


“Staunch Catholic”…

Errr, no mate, you’re not.


Saw that. Pretty sure that bloke’s relationship contravenes at least one key requirement of all Catholics as the rules currently stand.


And trust to find a gay couple to publicly announce they’re voting no.


Right. So gay people of the opposite sexes can legally marry each other. Why can’t gay people of the same sex marry each other? I fail to see a difference.

We’ve got a chance to vote yes and take a step to putting this whole thing to bed. Let people love and/or marry whomever they want to love and/or marry.


They were actually on 7.30 last night. Newz, is reporting on that interview, I take it.


Gay means happy