Marriage is totally Gay


You should reclaim it. Next time someone asks how you’re doing, tell 'em you’re feeling gay.


Bob Katter has been trying to take it back.


It’s interesting that the fight against the postal vote is being strongly lead by the LGBTQI+ groups.


What makes it interesting?


Why would that be at all interesting or surprising? They are the ones being publicly vilified as a result of an unnecessary public opinion poll.


Some people think it’s not their role or responsibility to have to make this decision. We already elected a government to take care of this kind of stuff. It’s concerning to some people that Barry Bogan and Charles Chinless III are being asked to make poorly informed judgements on behalf of people they don’t know.


I didn’t say it was surprising, if you go back you will see that I already knew that they were against it, and for good reason I might add.


What I don’t understand is why not just have a referendum on it? Didn’t they do that in France and Ireland or did I misunderstand that?


It doesn’t require a change to our constitution.

Then why is it interesting?


To bring a case you have to have Standing before the court. In general terms that means you would be identified as being affected by the action contested.
Beyond those with a direct stake in SSM, there is the systemic question of the process itself and whether the funding should have gone through a Parliamentary budget process.
There are three sets of claimants;
Andrew Wilkie; the Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays ; and the broader group Australian Marriage Equality that Janet Rice is associated with. Hetrosexuals are not excluded from membership of either group.


It is interesting because not having this expensive poll will mean no SSM until the next election (unless the more moderate side of the Libs can get a hold, but I won’t hold my breath). It is interesting because I would have thought it was the no side that would fight it to put it off for a long as possible.


No campaign will save their action until after the opinion poll, just in case they win the opinion poll.


The survey is delaying it and allowing campaigns and then not being binding.

It is interesting that you think that could be favoured by LGBTIQ people


Are there any inherent differences between a Same-Sex Marriage and a Man-Woman marriage?


What? The one bloke you work with speaks on behalf of everyone?


Less nagging.

*sorry dear.


Are you being obtuse for a reason? Do you bother to read the papers and online forums?


No. The social circles I mix in contain people who are affected by this issue so I kind of prefer to hear from them about how it affects them, rather than read the stories of morons that find in order to “present a balanced view”


What happens if a straight man marries a gay mans wife?


Then Cory Bernardi wins.