Marriage is totally Gay


Oi! Must admit I’ve never heard of him till now, but I do know about Twitter.

I don’t like any rap music at all, if it can be called music.


Downtown is awesome.
Seriously, if you don’t appreciate that…it’s like saying Bohemian Rhapsody ruins opera.


Well Trip, I am not a spokesperson for the Left and it was my opinion; and there are racist, bigoted and homophobic left-wingers as well. And I don’t depise all Australians, only the one’s that do not care about equality, fairness and the rights of others. Put up your hand, I am talking about you.

I have been to both Venezuela and Cuba, and there was no issue at the border, and had a really good time.


700k Rohingyia refugees in Bangladesh, a few more than those in the queue for Oz.


I want Bernardi to actually call me.

I’d give him my opinion on a few things, mostly how big a piece of ■■■■ he is. Hiding his blatant homophobia under a blanket term of “conservatism”. Gutless prick.


Dunno when it was you visited Bacchus, but Venezuela is a really bad place to be right now. Just as an illustration, there’s several endangered species there that are expected to go extinct in the next year or two because starving people are killing & eating them.

While we’re talking about migration though, perhaps Tripper might want to consider a one-way ticket to Russia? A fossil fuel industry with all the brakes off, teh gayz are kept firmly in their place, great mates with the Trumpster, and any elitist whiners who gripe about their muscular shirtless leader find polonium in their lattes, after which they don’t bother anyone about such trivia any more. Reckon you’d fit in quite nicely there, Trip…


Even funnier is that he can tell the age and sex if a person via twitter.


If politics and sport don’t mix, why do the pollies with free tix claim travel expenses for what they put down as political duties?


Trying to tweet like Trump. What a ■■■■■■.


Congratulations! 57 posts!


people that want politics out of sport want to dissolve separation of church and state.


Yep HM, I was there over ten years ago when Chavez was popular and going OK, and oil prices were high, so his social reforms were nearly affordable.

It is a political nightmare, now and an economic basket-case, but a very beautiful place with a very diverse ecology.

Cuba is just a lot of fun !


Downtown by Petula Clark?

1960’s pop, I’d call that. Doubt it’s rock, but it sure ain’t rap.


Well I was gonna vote no but not anymore. Sick of being told what to do and think and having my privacy violated.

That’s how this ■■■■ works isn’t it?


Brandis is calling out Tone on freedom of speech. These guys are fractured as ■■■■. When the postal thing result comes in it’s going to be pretty interesting. Not to mention the dual citizenship thing. Interesting that we don’t have headlines of how this government is a joke and “kick this mob out”.what a stupid situation.


Is there a competition? If so who is winning?


These no ads are something else.

up there with the bowling ball ad in terms of inhumane.



Yes, there are a lot of homophobic people here. There are a lot of climate change deniers. There are even a lot of vaccine idiots. I don’t think we are much worse than most western nations though. The difference is that our politicians seem to be packed full of extremists who represent small scale ideologies. I don’t think it’s the electorate, I think it’s the reps who get to where they are through a lot of bluff and media help. You only need to look at the polls on things and how much they’re at odds with policy. Then an election happens and it’s so ridiculous most of us can’t be bothered with the message.

We live in a nice place but it’s a corrupt place and it’s getting worse.


We vote them in and they closely reflect exactly who the Australian society is.