Marriage is totally Gay


Sounds like you put a lot of faith in logic.

Given we can never know everything I think it’s reasonable to say that we all exercise faith in something.

They’re not that incompatible.


I didn’t say they were incompatible. I said they are polar opposites.



What they believe in Chester is none of your farking business.

O to be a perfect human like you, who can just be critical of everyone and whose excretement does not emit odour.


My thoughts get criticized on a daily basis as part of my job. I’m often corrected and update my beliefs accordingly.

What religious beliefs any individual has, as you say is none of my business unless they let me know, but I make the propositions of particular religions my business, mainly just for a laugh (if they’re still actually believed to be true by anybody). Scientology and Mormonism are probably my favourites., but they’re all pretty good.


While we’re bagging religion, how come Buddhists, who are supposed to be so peaceful, are such murderous so-and-sos to the Rohingya.

And if their mantra is restraint, how come Buddha was twenty-five stone.

And don’t give me glands or metabolism.


Lol, brilliant




(are you going by the Chinese statues?)


About 20,000 statues and statuettes.


The Chinese statues are irrelevant, where he was born in Nepal he is depicted:


I shouldn’t have let myself be sucked in, yes it is true that Christians and Buddhists can be as violent as anyone else.

Religion can be very selective with its doctrine, eg. the Christians who believe that the Bible is unequivocally against homosexuality.


People are a problem.


Looks like the fat ■■■■■■■ is wearing a corset.


Strange that I’m reading this thread and come across an ad for poufs from ishka. An omen? If I buy one of these poufs will Cori Bernadi condemn me in one of his twitter tirades? Won’t someone think of the children!! I’m going to need to think about this. To pouf or not to pouf… that is the question.


I am a aethist, but I do not ridicule anyone else’s religious beliefs.

Being corrected is part of the learning process, making fun of others is a mark of your character. Many of my generation have good cause to be anti-religion, but I save my scorn for the church.

When it comes to beliefs, I reckon we all need to believe in something.


True. … I believe I’ll have another beer.



He had to sacrifice self image in order to become one with everything. (Except the wife and kids he abandoned).


Gee reading this thread i feel like iv’e accidentally stumbled across the left wing, labor party forum. Its like 10 to 1 in here :joy:


Well, it is an essendon forum, so I’d expect about that ratio of intelligence, humanity and decency.