Marriage is totally Gay


You’re on fire with your comedy comments this morning.


I’m glad somebody picked up on the sarcasm.


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Name This Category 2017 Edition

This is where we need a dimma comment. Something along the lines of:

“My cat’s name is mittens!”


This shouldn’t have even been news. Churches have always been allowed to refuse to marry people,. We had to prove one of us was Catholic to be married in a Catholic church for example.


Feel for the wedding cake makers.


Result looking good based on this poll.


Polls are a load of crap, they say what they want you to hear.

Not saying that won’t happen but I thoroughly dislike polls and think they are a waste of everyone’s time.



I’d imagine though that’s probably not what typical Sky viewers want to hear though right?



Probably Sky trying to motivate their audience.


Can interpret it that way too, my initial reaction was slight befuddlement. IT is probably right.


If it wasn’t for Polls, there wouldn’t have been “Brexit”




Actually IT, well run polls are very close to the truth.

For years, I have seen the secret, private polling that the ALP does in key electorates, and it is systematic and scientific and all the ones I have seen have been within a few hundred votes of the actual outcome.

I often reckon we should not have elections but do a poll and get our Government that way. It would solve a lot of issues.


The polls done behind the scenes and that do not get published are done differently to the Morgan/news type polls.


I would not know.


That was how they did it to change the national anthem. It was a hell of a lot more scientific then this rubbish.


Reachtel does a lot of polling. I work with them a lot. Unless the sample list of was skewed to begin with (no info to suggest that so far), it should be fairly accurate. Not that it means anything.