Marriage is totally Gay


In your opinion.

I was raised Catholic and try to hold true to some of their teachings but I have adapted them to the modern world as I see it. I have no issue with anyone else’s choices unless they adversely impact on others. I never try to force my beliefs on anyone else. My kids have been baptised to be accepted into the school we feel is best for them at this point in time. They can choose for themselves whether they follow the same or a different path.

Also, I don’t ridicule you for your beliefs or thoughts so why sling mud at others’?

It is different if they are trying to force their beliefs on to “you” though.

And all kiddie fiddlers should be gutted alive and left for the animals to clean up.


You would have to ridicule me for my lack of a particular belief actually. And I wouldn’t mind if you did that at all. Religion is what I was slinging mud at BTW, not the people infected by it. I don’t hate people infected with cancer; I hate the disease. Although in the case of religion, it’s more like a parasite.

And how would you feel if only people without a belief in a religion, were given special discriminatory privileges?


As paedophilia has been bought up in this topic, I must point out that most kiddie fiddlers as you’ve mentioned Mex, are hetrosexual men. Hetro men with children of their own or living with a women who has children and a small percentage of women, some of whom have children. Having worked in that area there are some surprising assumptions made about who are rock spiders and who aren’t?

Very often people think gays are responsible for the sexual abuse of children and often are blamed. Those assumptions are completely wrong and as a result are unjustly labelled.


So who is going to fund all those services the churches provide for the community when you shut down their so called privileges. You think the Gov will and can afford to? You think someone else will step up? Your ignorance of what religion brings to communities across Australia is staggering. Your ignorance of what those so called privileges bring to the Aussie community is quite full.

Maybe you might like to challenge yourself to actually investigate exactly what all religions provide for Australia as a whole before you continue to mouth off. You may hate what they believe but you know very little about what they bring.


I’m not ridiculing you;
I’m not infected by religion; and
I don’t agree with any form if discrimination, including discrimination against people with religious beliefs.
I never said religion is 100% right. I just asked why you ridicule others who believe.
You are as entitled ro your views as anyone else but I can almist guarantee you would bur up if someone said you were infected because you don’t believe so drop the hypocrisy and discuss the topic on its merits. Or rant. Either way it’s your choice so go your hardest.


I agree. It just seems to be the easy target for people railing against religion so I was just stating that I despise paedos as much as anyone.


The idea that an invisible super-powerful being who has been alive forever and created the whole universe and life etc, is a ridiculous thing for a grown adult to believe in this day and age. It deserves ridicule, unless its just treated as a fairy tale for kids, like Santa. But even more so, when adults demand to be be exempted from laws just because they believe it.


On which side of the argument was the bigotry shown in this story and video?

The ugly side of our wonderfully enlightened and educated side is shown to full effect here. It is not the supporters of religion that were shown for what they really stand for in this example - I am looking at you Chester with your high and mighty views in an anti-religious attack!


The opposers of the ‘it’s okay to say no’ bigots were just opposing bigotry. This doesn’t make them bigots themselves anymore than standing up to bullies, makes those standing up to it a bully.


There’s plenty of secular charities.


All of the bullying was carried out by the SSM supporting massive majority - maybe if you open your eyes and read the article and watch the video instead of sticking your head in the sand and parroting rubbish. I didn’t see one of the No campaigners raise a finger against the other side of ugly bullies - strength in numbers is the bullies friend…always has been !


Again…in your opinion. That doesn’t make it right, just right to whoever holds that opinion.

Anyway, neither of us will change the others’ opinion so have a good one


No, strength in numbers is the best way to oppose bullies (including bigots).

Holding up ‘its okay to say no’ is being a bigot.




That’s a fascinating argument Chester - are you saying anyone who believes differently to you and expresses it is a Bigot? I can’t believe how ignorant you are - if I had that opinion I would say all of the signs I have seen saying “Vote yes” are bigots…but I don’t. I say they just have a different opinion to me. I say - anyone who attacks me physically because they disagree with me is a bully! It is just like the schoolyard a long time ago when the ignorant bully couldn’t win an argument using intellect and he resorted to beating up his opponent with a heap of his henchmen surrounding him to support him. That is what happened at Sydney Uni.


No, I’m saying anyone who believes that gays etc don’t deserve exactly the same rights as straight people, whatever the consequences, is a bigot.

You might not believe that black people deserve the same rights as whites. Which I disagree with. It wouldn’t be because you just disagree with me that you would be bigot, if that was the case. It would be because racism is bigotry.


So if a person says no, they are a bigot, if they say blacks don’t deserve same rights, they are racist. What does it make you that you ridicule what someone else believes and bully them for it?


Not just anything. Only ridiculous things deserve to be ridiculed.

It would make me someone who’s against adults taking ridiculous things seriously.

And ‘saying no’ is saying LGBTI people don’t deserve equal rights to straight people.


There is a clear difference in my eyes.

Those with privilege trying to protect the privilege from other equals has no acceptable stance.

I know it’s not everyone’s view, but I’m guided by my conscience. Fair play?

And also, the concept of bullying is true but this is the #alllivesmatter argument. Religious people and institutions have all the systemic privilege at this point


I am not sure where you get the impression that religion is about “Privilege”. I am religious and to me religion is about service - helping others. That is what Jesus Christ taught and I try to follow his teachings in my imperfect way. Any religious person who believes they are privileged need to read the scriptures - particularly the new testament. Jesus was opposed to the Jewish hierarchy who possibly thought they were privileged - they were certainly bullies and acted like bullies when they crucified him for opposing them and showing them up for what they were - hypocrites.

Regarding equality and the LGBTI community - it is my understanding that they have every legal right that any hetero-sexual couple. The only part missing is the name “Marriage” for their union - something that a large number of hetero-sexual couples don’t want these days anyway.