Marriage is totally Gay


I suppose you supports Trump’s view that there was blame on both sides at the neo-nazi rally then?


Ah, it’s not whether you believe you are privileged, it’s that the institution and individuals are. Think about it for a minute.

Ps on equal rights, tell that to a gay man who wants power of attorney or to pull the plug


Sorry cul-de-sac, I don’t know the circumstances of that case. I certainly don’t believe in a lot that Trump says, but I shouldn’t dismiss his comments just because I think that way until I know what it was all about and what the results were.


While I agree with you the Kevin Spaceys of this world don’t help (gay man and 14 year old boy).


Is the vote happening again or something? What have the last 150 posts been about?

Righties - You lost. Move on and stop trying to re-litigate the sh/t arguments that you already lost on.

Lefties - You won. Maybe try not to be dicks about it?


I am an aethist and don’t hate religion, just churches.

The bible and jesus are works of fiction used by churches for control.

Gay Australians have many less rights than me, until Parliament changes it. Well documented and true.

All those 4.7 million or so who voted no, don’t believe in fairness or equality, and hence in my view are detestable people.


You are wrong that they have the same rights as hetrosexuaks except for marriage ( which is a huge discrimination in any event) . And it is FACT that you are wrong. Go read the Family Law Act and the various State Acts Also the Sex Discimination Act which allows for religious bodies to discriminate going beyond marriage.


What about centrists?

The argument now, I believe, is if the parliament does change the marriage act in accordance with the will of the people, will service providers with opposing beliefs still be allow to discriminate.


In your opinion.

Some do that, just as some do that in business, or politics, or anything else in society. Humans are humans.

The no vote isn’t just from religious people, in fact many religious people voted yes, I know most in my church did and the leaders spoke from the front encouraging people to vote yes.

So you can take your arrogant self-righteous atheistic assumptions about religious people and stick it because the reality is you and Chester know nothing about religion or religious people. You have closed blinkers and arrogant attitudes.


People of faith cover a wide spectrum of society and to lump them all with one brush is ridiculous.
However, you have to acknowledge that the No campaign was almost entirely driven pushed by conservative religious organisations (of varying churches and religions).


So what? Does that mean all Christians voted no? Does that mean that all Christians are bigoted homophobes? Does that mean that all atheists, or other types of non-believers are perfect little humans who didn’t vote no?

What this discussion is showing is the absolute arrogant thought processes of some people who see things are simply black and white and who take absolute delight in labelling everyone under their hypocritical and narcissistic opinions regardless, and especially devoid, of any facts.

People like Chester and BF show that some on the left have no idea what tolerance really is. Their version of tolerance is highly intolerant.

No one, in here at least, has ever argued that Religion in any form has done things right 100% o f the time. But what is thoroughly ignored is that non-religious people have also screwed up big time.


As I said IT, I have no issue with religion and people’s faith. I think it is bunk, but don’t care about your religion.

Churches are the problem. Just asked the 1000’s of kids who have by raped by clergy and whose Church hid it.


Just ask the kids who had the same thing done to them from state run orphanages, and protection programs.

Then you can ask the thousands of kids who were looked after by many churches and Christian organisations. There was good as well, even if you don’t like it.


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Things are kinda tense in here but I thought you should all know that I’m about to watch a film called Undercover Grandpa. I have high expectations.



As far as I’m aware, the only people being considered for exemptions from any change to the marriage act are those with religious beliefs that oppose it. I don’t think it matters which religion.

No-one should be exempt from any law for any reason.

And it’s not only (some) religious folk who are bigoted for ‘saying no’ – i.e., wanting to deny the LGBTI the same rights as straight people – it’s anyone who ‘says no’. However, again, it’s only religious bigots who are being considered to be given the privilege to practice their bigotry professionally.

There’s absolutely no excuse for ‘saying no’, just like there’s no excuse for denying equal rights to black people, or even Christians. Everyone should be treated exactly the same in the eyes of the law.

And just because someone is not on the right, doesn’t mean they are on the left.


ANd it should be noted that those who are politicking about how discrimination can be embedded in the legislation are religious conservatives.


I never said, or even suggested that all religious people voted no. I don’t know how people voted, because the votes are anonymous. I think this assumption that the no vote in the western suburbs of Sydney was predominantly from first generation Australian’s is a convenient get out, with little actual evidence, that stops people from addressing the bigotry that is alive and well in modern Australia. I have little doubt that many of the 4.9 million people that voted no were multi generation Australians with no or little active religious affiliation and I dislike those people just as much as anyone who voted no for religious reasons.

As for left and right arguments, I couldn’t care less. Binary thought and team barracking do politics and society no favours.

Few things are black and white, but what’s not up for debate is that the no campaign was driven by religious groups. As such they need to take responsibility for the hurt that they have caused to the LGBTI community. That’s not something that can be levelled at the secular community (such as it even exists).

People are free to practice whatever beliefs they like, but the moment those beliefs affect the lives of others they should be held to account, and this vote and the debate surrounding it definitely impacts others. If you voted no, you are actively practising and advocating discrimination, regardless of whether that belief is based on religion or not.

If you are going to continually come to defence of those who discriminate, as you have done through this whole thread, don’t get upset when people take exception with it.


No what i come to do is to oppose the stupid arrogant hypocritical attitude of some in here. You I have no issue with.

And I haven’t defended anyone in particular, I have said that people need to consider why some would vote no (which includes some gay people) not whether they should agree with why they did. People are free to think of someone as bigoted if they wish, that I don’t really care about, but this constant attack on Christians by certain posters is what peeves me off. Especially as I know many Christians who voted yes which flies against their ignorant attacks.

BTW Catholics and Protestants are not he same beast. The largest driver of the no vote is people from the RCC, including a few of the pollies who are the biggest driving force for the no vote.


Yeah, and that makes raping kids OK.