Marsh Series: Cats vs Bombers, Central Reserve Colac Mon 9/3/20 - a bird shat on Cam Mooney

Sucks for Lav!

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I am loving a Bombers match close to home . Still an hours drive from the coast .

That was meant to be a reply to DJR . Clumsy fingers .

expecting hibberd to play. looking forward at a look at him

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Has Hibberd started training yet?


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Get back to work STEWART



Which would have made a Sunday game quite convenient.


And be better for the local economy. Drive up for lunch, stay overnight, have breakfast and do something else in the neighbourhood, go home


stay overnight in Colac?



LAV farewell game


Lav has played 2 full games in a row now

Stringer has only had half of a VFL practice match.

Can see Lav not playing vs Cats

Or nearby, there are some nice places within half an hour’s drive



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Guessing Changes from last weeks game if we try and get close to round 1 side…
#assuming Heppell, Hooker, Stewart, Daniher not ready still

In: McKenna, Saad, Stringer, Bellchambers, Redman, Cutler
Out: Townsend, Teakle, Hurley (calf), Jones, Zaharakis (Rested), Guelfi

B: Saad Zerk-Thatcher Gleeson
Hb: Redman Francis Ridley
C: Ham Smith Cutler
Hf: Mosquito MCKERNAN McDonald_Tipungwuti
F: Fantasia Laverde McKenna
R: Bellchambers Merrett Shiel
Int: McGrath, Langford, Snelling, Phillips, Lockyer, McBride, Stringer, Parish
Emg: Guelfi, Hibberd, Townsend

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Guessing on Hurley or heard something?

Stringer to FP, McKenna to HFF, Mozzie to bench. Maybe Hibberd takes the 8th spot on the bench?

guessing, he went off early last week and had calf iced (according to fan footy), suspect we wouldn’t risk playing him given Hooker injury as well.

I think those 2 need a hit-out together before the season starts. They’ll go with something a lot closer to our expected best 22 for this second game.