Marsh Series review thread

Two good wins, away from home, over two finalists from last year.

So, what’s the opposite of “but it’s only the JLT”?


I’m starting to get excited for round 1…

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We win the preseason!

very impressed with Cutler in the first half. he was terrific


Very happy with the game plan and the execution of it. That was the biggest issue last year. Can’t wait for rd1

Booking my Grand Final package tomorrow


I don’t care about the scores in pre-season.

We belted Geelong today. And did the same to West coast last week.

Very strong wins, and the opposition had a tough time of scoring. Pleasing games.


McGrath has been great.

That new ruck, Phillips, is better than Bellchambers.

Lowering their eyes going forward is critical.


We are playing with a discernible brand (one that holds up) and the players have clearly brought into the system. We will be in most games this year.

Phillips, Townsend, Cutler all look best 22 first up.
BZT and particularly Ridley also very impressive.
Hurley, McGrath, Zaharakis in good touch.


Every chance Zaka could make a nice 3rd or 4th forward in the last few years of his career I reckon


Based on what? I’m hoping this handball happy style works better than every previous incarnation.


Hurls back in AA form. Let’s hope he carries it into round 1.


Gleeson looked a lot better this week. Zerk was better much better tok. Hurley positioned very well. Ridley was very solid again. Combined their hand ball was excellent and worked well with Saad to relieve the pressure over and over. Thought the defence was easily the best line.

The midfield worked very well defensively I thought. They really pushed up well and kept pressure on the ball. They forced a lot of hurried ball which our defence positioned well for. They were a little wasteful however and I thought we failed to look for short passes around the edge of 50 when we had the opportunity to do so. Probably one handball too many at times. That said they were rarely cut off around the centre and half forward which is a significant improvement for us.

Of the forwards Towner was probably the pick of them even if only from 3 quarters. They looked a little unsure when to lead at times and we let our selves down with our set shots in the second and the third.

All in all a very encouraging display. We controlled the game and field position for most of the first 3 quarters and really the game should have been over at 3 QTR time. We obviously lack another marking option up forward. getting stringer back will be good but god I’d love to see JD in front of that midfield surge.


Setup behind the footy is far more solid. The heat at the contest far greater, our intensity and want for the contest is clear to see. Forward pressure, we didn’t let the ball out of there easily. An undermanned and undersized defence held up. That would not have happened last year. Pre-season it may only be, but that’s what I take out of it. The scoreboard to me was irrelevant. I wanted to see a sustainable, repeatable brand of football with more substance. We have that now.


We’re hitting round 1 with a winning feeling plus McKenna and Stringer to come in. Couldn’t be much happier at this point.

Really liked the look of BZT. Plus Cutler was surprisingly silky across the turf and clean with his kicking. Can’t be far off best 22.


Not as impressed today as I was last week.

Fantasia still not right.

Zerk-Thatcher impressed.

Townsend had a better game.

Saad appeared to have a bit of a shocker.

Shiel still can’t seem to hit anything by foot.

Really really like Phillips.

Ridley was great.

Parish looked very good.

Walla really quiet.

Just not quite there today. Winning is great though.


I don’t see how you couldn’t play Cutler in around 1 after that.


Forward structure still feels a bit like we’re just making do until Joe gets back to me, rather than having a definite plan and structure with the players we have. Which given the last two years, and last October in particular, doesn’t seem wise.

How good was it to see ablett sook after he gave away a few frees?
The blokes cooked