Marvel Stadium


Foods ■■■■.


Is the MCG much better?




The chips are


It’s true, I am a carnt.


as if people didn’t know ace was loaded?

goes through a tv every week.


I’ll vouch for Deckham here. He tells the truth. He absolutely is a carnt.


Food at Docklands is rubbish. Range is terrible


The worst thing is we will definitely be playing home games there beyond 2025.

No way will the club even try to make the MCG our home ground ever again,


I don’t mind the cheese Kranskies from the (something) bar on Lvl2.
Look at me - lvl 2 - you’d think I were Antman or something, eh?


I heard (I think unreliably) that we could be moving to the G next year. I dont believe it, but has anyone heard anything?


Think we are just pushing for more home games at the G. Instead of 7-4 split trying to get to 6-5 or even 5-6.


Looking out my office window, the Etihad signs are currently being taken down

RIP Jihad Stadium


Yep. Naming rights begin for Marvel from October 1st (today).


A blast from the bomberblitz past








we have a front page?


The Ricky Mott hoax remains one of the interwebs greatest things