Marvel Stadium


We used too


Lol, I’d totally forgotten about that. Thanks for the trip down archive lane.


Its official: on the back of the new membership cards.


My wife is booking tickets to a Marvel movie right now. The sponsorship deal is already working.


What’s it like being married to @Riolio? I bet he makes you dress up like Hutchy in the bedroom and stuff


I always dress like Hutchy, the man has a timeless style.


Fat is not a style (believe me I’ve tried to pull it off)


Yep, … timeless …

( Can someone chuck a Jabba the Hutch head on this pls. Ta…)


I can’t remember if it was Donna Demaio, possibly was, after Hird was sacked she interviewed a young auskick kid and asked how happy are you James Hird has been sacked.

This was on the day it was announced he was finished as coach.

Absolute gutter human who the 3aw woman reporter was.


You’ve what, now?


Hmmm, you might want to rephrase that.


This place is going to be unreal. Especially in 3 years time, will be unrecognisable.


When I think Marvel I think Dodoro.


Seems like a lot of bullshit, wish they’d focus on the important stuff like people being able to get tickets and not waiting all of half time for undercooked chips.


Did anybody do the BS survey? Did you use the free wifi? no. Why not? because I was watching the footy live ya dipshits.


How soon can we name the centre the Shiel circle*

It sounded better in my head, I’m just excited dammit


Can’t blitz between the breaks?


My short distance eyesight is no good. Can’t read blitz on a phone without glasses and I never bring glasses.


Blitzing at a game is very bad. I sit there and think how I’m enjoying myself, and one look at Blitz and it’s back to negative town


I only do it at the VFL to get the DJR commentary.