Marvel Stadium


This is exclusively a nugget and marvel forum with a side of Footy and dj thread.


“Marvel Stadium” ? So Disney is the AFL’s latest cash cow. What a pathetic joke !

Who says we have to accept this name, anyway ?

Does Vlad’s whitehaired boy dictate to Blitz as well as to the media ?

It’s DOCKLANDS STADIUM. Always was - always will be. Gil can go bite his bum.


Nuggs and marvel are good but DJ thread > Disney. stop


Would be nice with the tax payers funds used to build these stadiums that the naming right dollars goes to the government.

Screw the AFL.


Remember too when blitz was pointed out by the media for calling it jihad stadium only to find that their own forums had the same thing?



Can’t wait for the Grand Infinity War in September!


It’s always been DockDudlands to me.


Shouldnt concern us, we should be at the MCG for all our home games.

Fk this club.


No this could work. Jake stringer could appear up in the rafters wearing a mask and a cape, and decend to the centre circle via a flaming wire


Now with this Disney alliance they could rename the AFL the “Mickey Mouse Club” I am sure Disney would pay even more $$$$ for the naming rights, and its so appropriate.



Always been the ‘Darklands’ to me. (Apologies to the Couldas)


Geez I love the MCG just as much as anyone but can’t understand the hate for Etihad and as much as I’d love a better split between MCG/Etihad for home games personally I’m not upset that we play there. The seating on level 2 are some of the best seats that I’ve ever seen across many sports both here and OS. For a 30-40k crowd give me Etihad over the MCG every day of the week


You’re right Chris, it is a Mickey Mouse competition after all.


HULK SMASH STADIUM would have been a kickass name.


Geez mate

Fly business class

Sit 2nd level

You need your own reality show. Keeping up with the Ace’s. Showing of your ritzy lifestyle.


It didn’t mean to read like that. Was just making the point that our supporters complain about a genuine world class venue. Sometimes I think the Victorian public don’t know how good they have it as all I hear is Etihad getting criticised. Yes it has a few minor issues but plenty of cities would kill to have such a decent venue. And FWIW I think there is hardly a bad seat at Etihad in any category.


The only thing ■■■■ about Etihad (I called it jihad stadium too) is the surface. As a venue and getting and from it, no complaints.


And the sun


Yep, it’s the best stadium to get to, especially if you’re not from Melbourne.


I’m taking the ■■■■. I agree level 2 is fantastic, it’s just the seats where the medallion club and high mark sit(I.e the pricey seats). Just funny after you copped it over the air flights.