Match day - ANZAC Day 2023

We are so losing this.

Draper and Phillips to absolutely dominate Frampton from here on. Gonna ride him into the ground.

Shut it down. Right away. Not even a sniff.

Nic Martin is pretty good, ey

please don’t break us Essendon. please.

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cmon zerk

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Now you’ve done it

10 metre kicks count as a mark do they?

don’t give up they fiiirrrrsssstttt

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Setterfield demonstratively glancing at the ump: do your job, he’s not having a shot!

Jesus hepp. Your goal.

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Does anyone know how many ANZAC Day games Pendlebury has played in?

I’m nervous we will blow this haha

too late

Can see where this is going.

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I knew we’d let them have the first.

Poor from Draper. Equally as poor from Hep who had time

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