Match Day Thread - Essendon v Brisbane (Round 15, 2017)

Just gonna get blind either way

McGrath v McClugg… do it!

Yep, 4 beers in already and at $1.10 a can and still another 2 and a bit hours to go this could get messy


Beautiful day for footy. No excuses for essington turning up.

I’ve got a bit of the man flu and my wife suggested I should rest and watch the footy from the couch.

I said do you really want me at home? Remember last week? What if we lose again?

She started helping me get ready.


You had me at $1.10 cans

We’ll either lose or crawl through for a unconvincing win. Can’t wait.

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What’s the point of having the roof…they should rip it off…idiots!!

Fosters right?

Can you throw a remote at a TV?

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No but iPads make good frisbees

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No Fosters in China at all.
The Chinese beers are all ■■■■■■ good and Heineken is pretty big over here. Yanjing is the beer of choice on the train

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Just go out there and smash the ■■■■■■■ koalas please.

Blitz is struggling.

bring on the hoodoo.

For anyone else who’s going to be doing this in their head the whole match.


Where were you last game of last year?

Woosha’s got this

Memo for the Port Adelaide cheer squad: we’re on the ground warming up, and the opposition banner is out there.


I have before. Cost me big time!

Not sure whats worse, bruce bt and basil

or derm sandy jono brown gerard healy.