Match Day Thread Graph Swans Roller Coaster Edition

Sentiment over time is from the start of the match, but is flat because positive and negative were evenly balanced early on

Rolling sentiment is the clearest representation of the true roller coaster for mine



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Immediately after the loss I thought… At least the graph will be interesting


Fark, we kicked seven goals in a row, and still didn’t win?

My green line just took a dip.

Modified version of the first graph. It’s time based instead of post based starting at the start of the first quarter rather than the start of the thread. Also made negative posts negative values, just because


Sentiment really nose dives in that last minute.

It’s almost as if something really, terribly, awfully, gutwrenchingly bad happened…


Not enough anger. Graph rigged by AFL.

Check the Swans fan forum version… oh wait, no such thing.

Happiness level off the chart.

Does the graph pick up FAP FAP FAP as a postive post?

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It should do. It’s a fair indication of happiness.

Mostly. Sometimes you can tell it’s angry.

I might be risking a ban, but if anyone wants to have a look:

Or self-loathing.

Wait, is that just me?

You mean loneliness, … right?

What period is this rolling over?

One minute. Checking that led me to find out that it was missing the back half of the match (there were a lot more posts this week). Here’s the graph with the full fourth quarter catastrophic drop off at the end

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I think I can sum up the nose dive in gif: