Match Day Thread - Rd 2 v Hawks

Getting organized for the big game today. Weather looking great, first home game of the year versus a bitter/hated enemy.

Absolutely pumped. This feeling (particularly early in the season) is what footy is all about. Hope its a massive crowd, majority of which are in the red and black.

Want to go full lid off but am too nervous, think the Dawks will win but am hoping/quietly confident that we will put up a big fight, both figuratively and literally.

Also to see the great man Hird walk the turf again and get an ovation in front of the faithful will be magnificent.

Get down to the G if you can and FIRE THE FARK UP!

Fark Hawthorn. A pox on their house.

Big day; Go Dons!

Ken Oath. Win this then it’s lid off!

Go Bombers!

I’m leaving in an hour hoping my voice holds out till the end of the game.

Feeling a bit like you @Kj_11 … hoping we will be jumping with joy by the end.

Got my sash on and pumped for the game, Go Bombers

Wish I could get there, but the helicopters in the shop atm.

Hope as many that can make it in, do so, & have a loud & pleasant Sunday arvo.

Fking pumped. Taking serious self control to not get on it before I head to the pub.

Pumped, nervous, aggressive…cmon your ■■■■■■■ dons.

Cyborg is going to axe someone

Go Bombers.

Pretty good trilogy set-up if you look at the Melbourne game as episode one.

  1. Ragtag bunch thrown together win against the odds.
  2. The dark side consolidates and triumphs in an epic battle.
  3. Profit?

really hope that when the dawks supporters boo hird (which they will) our supporters get around him and the cheers drown out the mouth breathers boos

Guys I just spotted jake Carlisle on the way to the game ■■■ he’s a bad driver

I hope body bags and cyborg get 50 tackles between them and that Hawks players need to be excavated from the turf they are buried that deep.


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Guys I just spotted jake Carlisle on the way to the game ■■■ he's a bad driver

Should’ve tooted at him BD. Were you on your way with Chappy?

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Pumped, nervous, aggressive....cmon your ■■■■■■■ dons.

■■■■■■■■ bricks.

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Fark Hawthorn. A pox on their house.

I’ll run with this one.

I can report the Strattons made it alive to the MCG and have taken photos with the premiership cups outside gate 3.

Carlisle to do a Buddy and damage some fenders today.