Match Day Thread - Rd 5 v Collingwood (ANZAC Day 2017)

blair was fkg invisible on sunday\

To be fair he’s about 4 foot 3


Were gonna ■■■■■■■ kill them. Bucks to be fired the next day.


And Eddy to bleat and moan on the Hot Breakfast every day for the week about how they were robbed.

Hard to say you were robbed when you lose by 12 goals.

Even us on here dont do that*

*yeah we do

Not that I watch the ■■■■■ but can see the sack buckley agenda ramping up on Classified if we get up.
Won’t see much about the win, it will all be about Buckleys head.

Warm and sunny right now at G.

Who’s at the royal ?

Was pouring before, but pretty sunny now. 5th row from the back as the ■■■■■■ MCC shafts walk ups.

I’ve been asked to buy a scarf with Poppies on it. Has anyone seen these?

Train fricken packed. Too wet for the fixy

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Pouring sunshine now !

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It’s about intensity for us.

I think if we can out ‘intensify’ them we will more often than not win the ball,and run them off their legs.

That 2nd half Hawthorn game?

That’s how we want to play.

Bring that game, and I’m very confident.

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Think we’ve got the numbers on the South Morang train.


Hmmm, walking to the ground and looking at Pie supporters, it must be nice knowing your team owns the day … a sense of entitlement

Essendon are up against it really, but the wheel has to turn at some point

Here’s hoping Essendon people at the ground bring a similar level of passion to the ground

Go Bombers


Mum McNeice on MMM: not the most Indian accent :sunglasses:

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Sick in bed. This sucks. Have to watch on TV. Go Bombers. Cough.

Talking to a few pie mates pre game and they seem to think they have a super talented list.



:disappointed: Warm up some scotch, it’ll cure what ails ya, or at the very least make it an even more enjoyable arvo either way. Extra points if you’re on meds. :grin:


No wind, sun is out.