Match day thread - vs Freo, round 7

Let’s not beat around the bush, the whole season is on the line this arvo. If we don’t win we can all but put a line through the top 8.


no change to the selected side


Are we wearing the fkn alternate jumper?

If you’d left the pub you’d know!

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We haven’t beaten them since 2010.

What about 2012 and 2013? Haha


do it responsibly.

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You bet I will!

They have Tabener, Kersten and McCarthy. One of our defenders will be giving away a fair bit of height.

Just hope Zaka put in two way running today, improves his skill and decision making and learns how to tackles when it his time and not squib.

Cant see us winning.

The team has shown that they are slow to adjust.

I doubt we will adjust the long ground.

We will want to play the middle corridor. Subiaco is very narrow so playing the corridor is tough as there is less space and I can see Freo just blocking up the corridor as other teams have done against us. I doubt we will be able to adjust to that.

Hope we get off to a good start. Stoked to have Myers back in the team.

Go Bombers.

Anywhere I can watch this without poxtel? Feel free to PM me :wink:

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If ever there was a time to bring in myers this is hit, can bypass a couple kicks with the hoof.


If there’s ever a game where Zaka can gather 30 uncontested possessions in a 10 goal loss, this is it.

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Spoke to PETER PAUL at the VIC and he reckons we’re a show this arvo

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Agree feel we are just to slow and will be exposed. Calling it early Zakka will have another bruise free game… freo by plently for me…i hope im proven wrong. Would have loved to see a couple more kids play

Lets run these ***** off their feet!

I’ll be over soon with the fruit box.

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Well, here we go again - hope it’s not a repeat of last week’s performance :frowning: