Match Replays

All match replays are available for free on the AFL website for anybody that’s interested. I don’t think they’ve been available for free over the last few years?


Good to see that,. . hopefully they roll on with it during next year (unlikely, I know)

Weird way to set the games out with every qtr of every game on the one page like that though.

Match replays should be free

Me too. I used to pay for the AFL pass to watch them on my computer but it’s only available on tablet and phone this year, not computer. I’m not paying $5 a week to watch replays on a tablet (that i don’t even own).

Notably this seems to go back to 2012! Has anybody found a way to save a replay file as used to be possible on the old match replay page?

I hope the AFL are inching towards a proper digital delivery for copies of games (which I’d be happy to pay for) to replace the old Sports Delivered DVD service.

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Give us a minute.

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Shame they’re geo blocked. Can’t even get them from London through my Australian VPN

If you’re using a VPN that offers you on OZ IP, … you should be able to access them with no problems ??

Yup. :ok_hand:

Does anyone wanna DM me a way to download or watch replays for folks like me that are overseas?

You’d think. I’m using Hotspot Shield which has worked in the past. IP definitely shows me as located in Sydney but still won’t let me access.
Need to look for a new VPN provider.

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If you’re using a VPN that offers you on OZ IP , … you should be able to access them.

God dammit man, i said DM me… You’re making me look like a fool out here.

But in all seriousness… i prematurely posted before reading… lessons were learnt today.



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I have ExpressVPN and it works fine for me.

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Apparently the AFL replay software tries to detect and blacklist VPNs, the same as the BBC iPlayer does. My own VPN is by Private Internet Access, and I find I’m geoblocked as soon as I turn it on. This will be one of those cases where YMMV.

For the record, the (paid) TubeDigger program can be used to save games to your hard drive

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Relive the misery of the past decade in stunning HD


Lol. I knew somebody would go there.

I just re-watch the good games and forget the others exist.


AFL should just archive their DVD/taped matches into a digital streaming service.

I would rewatch the 2000 season if it was avaible.