Match review. Beating Collingwood always great

Great way to finish.

Post of the day from Henry.

Nice little tribute by 7 then for Fletch

  • Fanta was superb.
  • Smack was awesome
  • Best game from Hocking
  • Stanton was super
  •   Irish >>>>>

As you said in that other thread Sal, the future looks to be in good hands on the field, some really nice young players coming through.


Stoked for Matty Egan

That was awesome!

All we heard all day was “free to collingwood”

Now listen to the filth fans complain about the free to hooker in the last minute.

I might even have a pull listening to them whinging on the radio.

We deserved that win, we really were the better team on the day. So happy right now.

Hocking was fantastic. Umpires were rubbish. Great way to finish the year.

Clear air.

Great win.
Well done boys, bring on next year!


Introducing… Heathhhhhhhhh… HOCKING!!! STICK THAT ONE UP YOU MAGPIE FANS!

That just felt so farking good. I was jumping around the living room like an idiot.

I don’t think I appreciated how good Smack was until today. Absolute beast. Fanta awesome also.

Hope the boys enjoy that, they deserve it. A good feeling going into the offseason.

Fantastic win despite Collingwood having a 3 man advantage.
Some real good signs today, loved the kids work especially

Go dons

- Fanta was superb. - Smack was awesome - Best game from Hocking - Stanton was super - Irish >>>>>

Smack’s ability to get clearances and to follow up on the ground ball is immense. I hope T-Bell & Smack pair up over the offseason and they both lift each other to the next level. Having them as a 1-2 ruck combo would be a huge.

Clear air.
If you're from Beijing perhaps.

Sign a good side when u can beat the side your playing against and the umps.

Very nice to win, no doubt.

Mckernon excellent, clearance machine with seriously good skills.
Fantasia continues to take the game on and look dangerous
Bagley fantastic as alway, I reckon this bloke is the best small back I’ve seen at the club (apart from Waganeen)
Laverde is a natural already
Stanton brilliant
The Irishman can play… Amazing what a win can do