Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


What a game. Hard to believe we aren't in the 8 but that was hopefully the 2nd step in the March to finals.
That was an intense 1st quarter, lots of 2nd and 3rd efforts and we had just enough polish to be in front, then in the 2nd the saints tried hard but couldnt hit the scoreboard which allowed us to get out to out trademark substantial lead.
Awesome to see we stood up without Watson and even Heppel wasnt required to get us over the line.
Joe, Hurls, Zerret and Zaka were the main guys but everyone had their role to play. Hooker, McKenna, Tony, Colyer kept trying all game and got rewarded. Stewart was unlucky in front of goal but was vital around the ground and set up a few goals. Bird and Myers were fantastic and Tbell dominated, i love it when other teams "big names" hardly get a mention.
Carlisle was pretty good but we helped him out with a lot fwd entries straight to him, not that it mattered because we still had heaps.
I still think we are either pushing too hard early or just do t have the tank yet to run out a whole game, same thing happened in the 4th q like in Sydney, Brisbane, Pies where we look completely blown up. Not sure if we were trying to play extra risky in the 4th but we proved that if you keep giving it back to them they will eventually score.
Anyway, an awesome win and its great that the pressure is still on the players to keep winning, and we learnt a lot more about ourselves.
Im not sure if we can make it this year but things are looking good for the next couple.


I hate that red clash strip so much. Just doesn't look like an Essendon jumper, and it sucks that all the photos of iconic moments like Joe's mark are going to be tainted by it.

Bring back the fat sash, if you really must have a clash strip...


It's so, so, so, so, so, SO much better than the grey monstrosity.

So much better.

So much.


I don't hate the red jumper but I don't think it solves the issue when we play st kilda


I think that while it may be costly this season, those loses vs Brisbane and Sydney will be good for us long term. Team has now seen no matter who you are playing, you cannot stop playing until the game is over. I think fatigue set in last week and last night, but those two last quarters were far better than the previous two (fairly sure we won both, even when we didn't need to).


Win centre clearances, have high all round disposal efficiency and limit turnovers resulting in scores to the opposition = 10x goal win. Outstanding team display.


Haha Mitchell and Webb?


Someone posted earlier about the inappropriate blitz advertising, I'm not sure, but all I get is this stuff lately.


Has anybody here been watching Fox Footy and the ads come on and thought:

"I'm not sure SEW Eurodrive is targeting the right audience?"


What's amazing about that mark is the elevation he gets without having to push off the shoulders or back of Carlisle with his hands, it's just all spring from his legs without really a long run up too.


Does anyone else get nervous when people start posting pics of Riewoldt?


Indeed, classic


We didn't give him a chance to get all excited and involved in the result. There was something weird he did In our forward 50 but the fact I can't even remember is all I care about right now.


Did you realise you're going to need to charge your phone soon?


The contemporary version of the famous old Jack Dyer slapping photo; except much better.



(sorry Diggers, but someone had to do it)


I'm struggling to come to terms with the fact that I watched an entire game of footy where the umpiring decisions made sense :astonished:

Didn't see the game until 11pm having been out to dinner with the family. My brother was checking updates every now and then but I didn't want to know. He dropped hints at half time like, "It's still a contest" then at full time, "in the end it was a pretty one sided game". So there's me later watching the replay expecting us to get totally rolled.

What a great game.


I regard the Sydney win a moral victory, was a freak of nature we lost that game. Lions was the one that burned them and awoke them. It was almost like the launch of our season


Nearly Mr Baldy still made a few customary shockers, but low impact for a change