Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


What was it like on the wild side?


But you should drink more of it, more often.

You were actually likeable last night.


I refute the claims that St Kilda was bad last night... for the first qtr and a half. The first 45 mins of footy was tight, pressure-rich, hotly contested football full of energy. We should have still been in front by more. After that they folded a bit and we got our tails up of course.


They probably fold if we kicked all the gettable goals in the first quarter and a half.


Yep - in their eyes we must have finally served the penance we so so deserved? Pr1cks.

An even playing field and what a difference it makes.


Sounds like the bridge game got out of hand


Now we know what you do in your spare time.


So Carlisle is a better player than Daniher?


Reported Post.


Even made Bruce blaspheme.


What's that he's snorting off Riewoldt's shoulder?




I didn't say that, did I?
Carlisle went forward, and had an immediate impact.


By kicking one goal in junk time after the game was done?

How do you think saints fans would rate his game.

Will they remember that or him getting dicked by Joe


I give up.
Carlisle is crap.


Add Carlisle (or Ambrose) and Kelly to our team and… all of the premiership we care to concentrate on.

Or combine the two: c’mon Franga.


Why, so he 'can kick goals in junk time'???


The good news is you're supposed to belt sides like that by 10 goals. They were rubbish but some credit has to go to us for making them ■■■■ their dacks a bit.

Speaking of Essington, I reckon Essendon's wins have been far better this season and even Essington's losses have been by a small margin.


Commentary team hated hickey haha.


Both Daniher and Carlisle played good games for their respective teams.

You give the points to Daniher because of the scoreboard impact he had when the match was up for grabs but Carlisle took a number of nice intercept marks that chopped off our attacking forays and also had a bit of an impact when swung forward.