Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


I was yelling "this is for the brothers" at the final siren...


Don't apologise. It's completely appropriate.


Who's the dork in blue who missed the mark because he was on his phone? What a t*t.


The game was over as a contest, after the first 2 goals of the third quarter. They matched the last 2 goals of the the second quarter, and broke them open, as Essendon finally got reward for their dominant play. It was only the wayward kicking of Stewart and Fantasia that stopped the game being a blow out by quarter time.

People on here, wonder about the psyche of the team, and call it fragile, but it is nothing compared to how bad the Saints crumble when their is the slightest bit of expectation placed on them. Essendon has terrorized this club for decades, even when they had Lockett. Last night was no different.


Hickey was one of our best


I am flabbergasted at how both sides could miss so many set shots in front of goal in perfect conditions, I.e a roof. Is there something I am missing here?


They were rubbish, and their Plan B was to drag us down to their level. It worked for the first 15 minutes or so. We straightened up our kicking considerably after half time.


I reckon it's 2 things.

Yellow footys have always been terrible.

New balls need to be kicked a bit before they straighten up, and now there's a dozen or so balls they grab after a point, they're always 'new'.


Is there a proper version of that photo that hasn't got a ■■■■■■ colour correction on it?


Agree. And he actually played a ■■■■■■ good game.


No better feeling than beating this pissant club. From the pre-match forced rendition of getting their fans to sing the club song to one of their flog fans leaving early in our section and had nothing original to say but the standard "drug cheats" jibe. 1 premiership in 140+ years. Small club, small mentality.


That's what I'm saying.

Collingwood and St Kilda were both trash against us. Should've been last night's margin both weeks.


The guy in blue didnt miss a thing, he was watching it live on the afl app......


Aside from being Joes ■■■■■ on a few occasions Carslie actually had a good game and kept them it it to an extent in the first half with his intercept clunking




That one is the colour correction one (looks like it's had a bit of unsharp mask as well?) That he was talking about. Barnz one looks better in reckon.


It's a ■■■■■■ filter of some sort. Forsaken things.




Ok finally watched the replay.

This is why i get so ■■■■■■ when they don't turn up and put in the harder yards, cos when they do, they can match anyone.

Don't drop those sydney and brissy games, as they said on the telecast and we are pushing for top 4, and are a major threat come september.

There is just so much potential there this year, to have a genuine crack at a flag. they just have to turn up every week, chase hard every week, put pressure every week, be switched on every week.

That being said, we'll prolly lose to north next week.