Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


You need to have a drink :wink:


The better shot linked to elsewhere β€” walking on air!

Check out the bug eyes of the player at the back β€” and unlike some, Joe keeps his eyes open when he marks…






I like to think that Brisbane loss stung the fark out of these guys, because this performance was so far removed from that one, it's not funny.

It also makes those losses all the more baffling and frustrating, because this team IS good enough to be challenging for a spot in the four, but it won't make it because they've taken quarters and games off. Maybe that was a watershed moment in the development of this side.... I'll never get ahead of myself with a North game on the horizon because I've seen us blow our prosperity against that mob as much as anybody in the last 15 years.

This is our challenge going forward.... this side has form; now it has to learn how to bring it on a weekly basis, and start turning wins into streaks of wins. We haven't managed to get to a three win streak any time this year; it needs to happen this time.

I have to say.... it was pretty damn nice hearing Bruce gush all over us again and say stuff like "glamour side", "fun to watch", etc..... for a little while it felt like the good old days.




Check out the crowd response :grinning:


this image has just dislodged my wife and i from the desktop background on the laptop.


Second row, blue shirt - idiot with his face in his phone. You missed it, loser. Bottom left corner the pick of the reactions for mine.


For his sake I hope he's not a Bombers fan.


There is nothing better than photos and camera angles taken from ground level with the crowd in the background


I dunno,.. the girls,( front row centre,.. and third row right end,). are both already applauding.


try sniffin that !


just have to mention again how good it was to finish with the HOOF, couldn't have been a better finish to that game.



Well said. I hope we can get onto a nice streak of wins, I'm just too pessimistic to believe we can after what we've dished up at stages this year


Our kicking is making it a bit harder for us that it needs to be. When we fix that little problem, the ducks will line up.


Could not effen believe this when it happened.

And just have a look where the chumpire is when it does...


Hickey being unco paid off on that occasion.


This is very very ironical, because one of the reasons he left Essendon was that the coach made him play at full forward