Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


As bad as that was the Myers one was the worst.


It was interesting to hear on radio thIs week, how the team plays now compared to earlier in the year ... more contested possessions, more goals from stoppages and an increased work rate in the middle. As a result there's more forward 50 entries which is improving their overall scoring. These observations are very pleasing because this style holds up well in finals.

There's a certain "magic" about the team this year, ie. when they've set themselves for a big game they play with a tsunami of momentum which no team can counter. That's why, if they make finals, I full expect them to do some serious damage. Just need to get there first ... c'mon boys, don't let this great opportunity pass you by.


I disagree that the Saints were rubbish, they were a pretty good side and they really brought it to us in the first.
We matched their intensity and exceeded it and eventually we broke them. That was when they turned to rubbish and lost all direction and hope, though each quarter they came out firing but we were too good.
We were freaking awesome, saying the saints were no good is disrespectful to they effort and skills our boys put on display.


The commentary team were trying to say the goal was "controversial". By the time it reaches the top of the goal post it's already in the crowd. Nuffies.


Tbf I was ready to go berserk because I thought he had missed.


It was pretty close and the camara angle isn't great. Looks like it might have hit the post if the post was higher (from that angle).
Would have been tragic if he'd missed, always takes the shine off MOTY if they miss the shot.


It was fine.

(You can see my red arms go up on the second level, aisle seat, sixth row. Had a decent view of it :grinning:)


Noticed that, .. and not long before, they spoke of the "Controversial" decision of Jobe having a rest.

On both occasions I was thinking, . WhoTF said either thing was Controversial??

Oh right, you douches did, .. just then, .. even though there's no controversy about either ... *rolleyes.gif

I hate when I forget to record the ABC call,.. and then Estonia lets me down having no radio calls up and I have to listen to these clowns on the replay.

I honestly don't know how people do it.


I thought I recognised those red arms!!


I can’t listen to the ABC because of McClure… not just clueless and grandstanding but outright malicious.


I agree,.. but I actually haven't heard him of late, .. not sure if he's away, or I've been lucky enough to miss him, or if I've perfected auto douche muting ... :smirk:


Think McLure is only on Saturday Arvo Melbourne games. It's Parkin on Friday nights I think isn't it?


This week I remember Walls. Gerard,.. and the new guy who's name escapes again but is really good as a caller. Other SC guy,... might have been rama or Sewel ... ??


I didnt even see joe's goal i was too busy getting stuck into carlol. Heard the crowd roar, turned and saw the ump signal a goal- gave a first pump then went back to giving carlol a mouthful


LOL at Bruce trying to suggest that Essendon could become everyone's second team this year, during the commentary on Friday night.

Did he not guage the response of the punters on the HS website to the Hird/Norm Smith article earlier on in the day?

I get that he may think that the style of footy that we play may excite neutrals but does he really, honestly think that Hawks, FC, Pies, Richmond in particular and the fans of all the other clubs will actually be barracking for success for us?

Bruce was relevant during the nineties but he's lost the plot since he's been back with his over the top statements and over excitable commentating whenever anything mildly exciting happens on the field.


Watched the replay and just confirmed how important Tbell has been. Hic was ■■■■■ no doubt but Tbell makes our mids look oh so much better, offers an option around the ground and kicks goals. An extremely valuable player going forward.


RE. Joe Dan's mark: perfect kick from Stewart.


Far from the only perfect long kick from Stewart that night either


And how good was Stewart's kick to Colyer running in to goal? Sublime.


Bruce used the word sexy or sexier on Friday night. He is abit out there with his call nowadays.